Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Billboards from God

Have you ever felt like God was directly telling you something so very clearly that if you missed it - you'd have to just have been ignoring it completely?

That is what is happening for me right now... in this very moment. (Ok, within the last two weeks...)

I've prayed and prayed and prayed everyday for the last several weeks for God to show me exactly what I am supposed to be doing in order to help prepare myself for his plan... his path toward our family. Today, I've realized that God can't be much more clear than he has been in the last couple of weeks.

Case and Point - four different scenarios:

1) Our dear friends, Natalie and Paul have had their prayers answered by successfully having their family grow by one new member - because of adoption through a certain agency - which I will name later. Their experience has been an inspiration to me in many ways - because Natalie knows exactly what my struggle has been like... and has had the prayer answered in a different way than having her fertility treatments be successful so far.

2) Shortly after we got the call about cancelling our most recent treatment cycle - the mother in law of one of John's cousins contacted me through Facebook of all places... telling me about a friend of hers that worked at a pregnancy center in Tomball, and that she'd like me to contact her. It turns out that this very friend of Cindy's is the intake nurse at the agency that Paul & Natalie used!

3) While at Natalie's baby shower last Saturday - I met the daughter of the Executive Director of the agency that they'd adopted from... who is adopted herself, and obviously the product of a wonderful mother. In addition, I met another lady who had adopted through the agency as well.

4) Our church is planning a service project for the women's ministry in November... and I was helping plan it, but have taken a bit of a step back while I was dealing with the emotions and stress of the last couple of weeks. Well, I got brought back in the loop today - and we're making some scrapbooks for a charity that is run by some friends of mine... for birth mothers that have put their children up for adoption. So I emailed my friend today just to ask if there was another agency in the area that I should be looking into - while we are still in the early stages of this... and come to find out - these scrapbooks will go to the birth mothers from THE SAME agency!

That is 4 times in two weeks that this agency and I have indirectly crossed paths while John and I were sorting through what we were supposed to be doing in accordance to God's wishes for our family... and 4 times this very agency has come up... I think that it is a clear and direct sign from God that our future is held within the doors of this very agency... and I can't wait to rush home to work on our application again!!


  1. so glad that you are feeling a peace about what is going on. I'll continue praying for you!

  2. Love it when that kind of stuff happens! It has for me too and did with our own decision to adopt. Sometimes God had to smack me upside the head with a proverbial brick, but I finally got the message!


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