Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Events Smevents...

Let me start by apologizing that I couldn't get to the question and answer post today... there is zero energy left... so I'll save Jenn's questions for next week - and hope that some of you will join her in asking some questions for next week.

So this is another one of those event weeks - if you remember February... it's sort of like that - only a little smaller and it's a breakfast this time. Which I can't decide if it is harder or easier... it's a little more relaxed, but the prep is a bit harder.

We worked late last night - I got home at 10. We worked late tonight - I got home around 9. We'll be downtown tomorrow morning at 6 - which means I have to get up at 4! So literally the fact that I'm still able to drive and stay awake at this point... is a miracle on it's own.

So in the middle of all of this - of course... the doctor's office called to give me the results of the blood tests.

My testosterone level is still in the normal range, but it's creeping back up. The other test told them that I do have eggs that could be fertilized... so that's good news, I guess.

I then proceeded to talk to the nurse practitioner and while she was telling me the protocol that he'd like for me to start - which was what I started LAST Thursday... I explained to her that we were going to stop treatment.

I told her about the side effects that I experienced - the severe nausea (think nausea on steroids), and the fact that I literally lost my eye sight (normal for me is better than 20/20) over night... and the glasses that I bought when I lost my eye sight while taking steroids for a week... weren't working.

Did I not tell you guys that story? Oh yeah, a year or so ago - I was put on some antibiotics (wait maybe this was right before my weight loss surgery... I don't remember exactly) and I had an allergic reaction. So, I scratched myself silly... and went back to the doctor - who then put me on the equivalent of a steroid version of a Zpack. Within 2 days my eye sight was shot - so the doctor told me to go to the eye doctor... to which she prescribed glasses... $200 later... I wore the glasses for all of 3 days before my eye sight was completely back to normal. Good times.

Ok, back to the fertility doctor... so I told her that we were going to stop treatment... she was really sweet and offered to refer us to a counselor that specializes in fertility patients... I thanked her, and that was it. I cried... which I found odd, but I guess it was just closure...

We're not seeking counseling... we feel like we've got the best counselor we need right now - the Bible, God, and prayer.

John has the flu - oh yes... the full on flu! While I'm in the middle of a work marathon! UGH!

Poor guy, called the doctor's office this morning and they wouldn't even let him come in... they just called in the TamiFlu and told him to start taking it. His fever is bouncing up and down - so I'm sure that he's set for another day at home tomorrow... what the guy will do just because I can't carpool with him... HA!

While he's been sick - he's been researching adoption... he even found a website where we can take free classes online - so he's already taken the adoption tax credit course - naturally... he's a guy! He also bought all the books that we're required to read for our agency... so we're making progress on some things. :-)

Our packet is ready to put in the mail, but we need to take some photos of ourselves and the house to include... so maybe we can get those done tomorrow night or over the weekend so that we can get it officially mailed off and be on our way!

Good night, dear readers... hopefully by the time you read this - the breakfast will be in progress and we'll be well on our way to recovery mode.

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  1. Praying for you, my dear friend - hope that John is quickly on the mend!


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