Monday, October 19, 2009

Postmarked Heaven

We crossed the first hurdle in our adoption journey today... we mailed off our initial screening packet. We filled in the blanks, answered questions, wrote our personal testimonies of faith, printed off a map from the agency to our house, gathered our pictures, wrote our first check... said a prayer... and put it in the mail.

They should recieve it tomorrow - and all we can do now is wait. Until we find out what the next step is...and that we've been accepted to keep moving forward. We are excited and nervous at the same time - but mostly excited. Or at least I am. Something peculiar comes over you when you are following God's plan... peace.

This could be the most nerve wracking time of our lives, but instead - I feel nothing but peace. No major rush to move to the next step... no bitterness about not being pregnant right now... or not having a baby right now... just peace. Peace like the lovely sounds of a rain storm, or ocean waves. Just completely content to be in the moment, and see where God will take us next.

I know that it will be better than I can imagine - so why not enjoy the ride, right?

So I ask you... if you were giving a baby up for adoption... would you give it to this couple?

Excuse the wedding ring being on the wrong finger - I posted these on Facebook, and a couple of people noticed. Well, after weight loss surgery - my ring doesn't fit. It is the very ring that I lost one day at my old office... in a HUGE box of plastic forks because it was too big. So I wear it on my middle finger - because I can't bear to part with it for the time it would take to resize it.

This is our second photo - we had to submit 2 of us and 2 of the house... so for the pictures of the house I simply chose one that I had taken earlier this year, and one of it decorated for Christmas. I figured that at least it could look festive... ready to enjoy the holiday season with a child.
So what else is new? Well, work has been crazy busy... and we've been dealing with the flu. So needless to say, sadly the blog has been sitting without new posts for a few days... I hope that some of you will come back. Oh, and this weekend - I made this cake... you MUST go check it out.
I'm still working on my New Testament Challenge everyday, reading during my lunch hour...and I've watched my prayers change again over the last couple of days from the possibility of adoption to praying specifically for the health and well being of the birth mother of our baby as well as the baby while it grows inside her body. I pray that she is able to be strong and take care of the baby until the time that through God's guidance she is able to give the baby over to us to raise for his glory.

I've crossed over into a place where I don't so much feel the intense pain of wondering if I'll ever become a mother... to a place where it is just a matter of when. Words that my sister spoke to me only a little over a week ago, but they rang so clearly with me... it's only a matter of time and faith.


  1. I would give you a million babies in a heartbeat. I love you and am right there with you, holding your hand and baking you cupcakes! my kimmie bean!

  2. Isn't it amazing what a change can come in a few short weeks. Praying for you and John always.

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