Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Business...Again?

Well, here's just one more thing...

I brought in my cakeballs for my V.P.'s birthday on Monday, and apparently they are so great that people want to buy them! Without even trying... I've got orders for like 6-10 dozen! I made the red velvet ones again, and some yellow cake ones as well.

The red velvet ones with cream cheese frosting were just like I've made before - the white chocolate coating, but the yellow ones I mixed with chocolate frosting and dipped in milk chocolate. Two dozen of the orders though are going to be german chocolate cake balls with the coconut pecan frosting dipped in milk chocolate.

I also make peanut butter candies dipped in chocolate during the holidays - so I could offer those as well. Also my chocolate dipped pretzels, and maybe my dipped rice crispy treats...

I'm working on coming up with some great packaging... and then will be selling them for $10 a dozen... or maybe $12... what would you pay?

What flavors would you offer initially?

What do you guys think... and snappy business names? How would you go about marketing? Am I sitting on a gold mine?

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