Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nursery Project - Day 1

We officially started the nursery yesterday, and these projects ALWAYS take a LOT longer than I expect. You say to me that you want to put up a shelf in the room... and I'm thinking - no big deal, right? Wrong.

I should have known better when the ladders, levels, 3 different saws, hammers, screws, and nails a-plenty came out...

In the end though - we're happy with the progress so far... here is what it looked like as of last night.

This is the before... even before we put up the shelves on the wall behind the chair.

The room after clearing out all of the craft room items.... except that the closet needs to be cleaned out too.

This is how Maggie helps... she's our lookout.

This is how Missy helps... by holding down the couch.

John securing the shelf to the supports.

Me putting wood filler into the cracks and holes... so that we can paint it.

The shelf spanning the entire back wall of the room - sorry for the blurry photos... apparently I need my big camera at all times.

 A close up view of the shelf... there is detailing around the front and on the braces. It's going to be very pretty when it is all painted white.

The chair railing will go up one evening this week, and then we'll get started painting those items. The bedding will arrive on Wednesday, and from there the big painting party for the walls will happen this weekend. Is it sick that I'm so excited about painting the walls? I absolutely LOVE to do the cut-in painting around the edges... so if anyone ever needs me... you know where I am.

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  1. So far so good. Can't wait to see the final project. And yes, it is sick that you like cutting-in and the detail work of painting. I'm a roller girl. That's about the extent of my enjoyment when it comes to painting.

  2. I always do the edges too and than brad rolls the walls! I love painting!

  3. So exciting Kim!
    I like cutting in as well.. its soothing..

  4. I can't work on a project like this with my hubby because he is the get out the level type person. I am the person who will use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail because it works almost as good. He also makes up names or insists on proper names (it isn't a crow-bar, it is a pry-bar; and something that I have always called a monkey wrench apparently isn't one.)

    Plus he gets really bossy.

    I suppose, in fairness to him, it has to be frustrating to have a partner who rarely uses things for their planned use because they are being used in another way. Such as pvc pipe holding up a quilt on the wall.

    Anyway he hates painting and so all painting is my job. I like painting (until I get about halfway through the project).


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