Monday, November 9, 2009

Service Project

Many posts ago - I mentioned that part of my big calling with our adoption agency was that our women's ministry team was doing a service project that directly went back to that very agency to help with their ministry to pregnant ladies in our area. We were planning on making 10 scrapbooks for the birth mothers to use to keep their memories of placement day, and all the letters that are sent back by the adoptive parents over the life of the child.

Our service project also helped a couple of other ministries, but the scrapbooks were the part that I coordinated. I started working early in the week getting things ready - letters cut out, paper pre cut for mats and backgrounds (thanks to my friend Danielle for helping with this!!), and shopping for other supplies. I'd never planned anything like this before - so I didn't really know what to expect.

We set up to do the books from 10-12 and 2-4 (that was the plan) in reality though, I never got up from the table once I sat down shortly after 10 until around 6:30 that night. I literally sat there working all day - with one small 10 minute break to eat a couple of mini quiches and a brownie. (I never even thought about using the restroom...)

I had several WONDERFUL ladies in there helping me with this, but in the end - we weren't able to finish all of the pages... so we'll have to get back together on November 21st to finish up what is left. We did complete three whole books - that will be delivered tomorrow to the agency for some adoption placements between now and Thanskgiving... amazing!

Here are some photos of the work we did on the scrapbooks.

We used Modge Podge to decorate the covers - and I think they turned out spectacular!

(I made these pages... 10 different styles)

Another group of ladies worked on shopping for supplies and stuffing 40 stockings to be given to another ministry in our area. I'm not sure what all went in them, but I do know that they each got an Old Navy scarf - because we had to send reinforcements out for that shopping excursion. Apparently they wouldn't budge on the 5 per customer issue, so we sent some other ladies out to go through the different lines buying 5 at a time. Crazy!! A third group of ladies went to a retirement home to play bingo with the residents.

We had a great day serving others - and I think a wonderful tradition was born!

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