Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Jewelry Items

Last Monday on my day off - I made some new jewelry items that hopefully will get listed on Esty this week. I'm finding that I have less and less time to get things done that I want to accomplish... so bare with me.

Aren't these cute? They are Christmas Trees. Red tops, green "branches" and a brown trunk.

Turquoise and Silver... I have made several of these - I've sold at least three sets in the last two months.

Pale green Adventurine and Rose Quartz

Mother of pearl... white with a slight hint of tan... gorgeous!

I hope to get some more made soon - but things are crazy busy these next few weekends. I've also been trying out some new recipes that I'll put up on the recipe blog during the next week - keep an eye out for Shrimp Scampi, Moussaka, and a couple of others.

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