Thursday, November 5, 2009

All Aboard

Ok - so you know about my rockin friend Summer... but she has some pretty cool friends herself - like K.Law and KS... well they've cooked up a little fun for all of us... and I'd love to share it with you guys.

They're planning a Blog Gathering!!

Here are the details as planned right now...

The weekend? April 9, 2010 (gasp!). All things fabulous in Austin, Texas where we can take in the sites, the sounds, the food, the drinks, and the awesome conversations over a long weekend. And how amazing of an opportunity finally meet your faves!

Some things on the potential agenda:

Austin Ghost Tours , Boat tours, Cavern site seeing , Museum of the Weird, all the Mexican you can handle, and of course maybe a Vineyard or even a beer brewery. And of course we could all stay together at a swanky (but inexpensive) hotel. A casual gathering of friends sharing great stores. Nothing fancy. No convention-ish bidnass. Just a whole lot of good conversation in a great city with some fabulous ladies.

Welcome to any and all! The more the merrier and the more the fun!

If you are game, email KRISTEN at or comment here or there and we can get the juices flowing. Once we know who can make it, everyone will be responsible for their own airfare, but we'll look into group rates for hotel accommodations. Please spread the word to any of your favorites.

We hope to see you ALL there.

Anyone interested?? Let Kristen know - but also let me know... I'm looking for a few good roomates!!

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