Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Moving Forward

Well... I have no brilliant introduction for this post... but I come to you guys today to tell you that we got our Preadoption Counseling Appointment!!! This means that we are starting the process officially toward getting our baby.

Can I just tell you that I laughed, cried, and sat there in shock all at the same time. Too funny. I'm glad that we'd already started the process of putting together our plans for the nursery - the bedding will be ordered tomorrow. The rest of the stuff will probably start this weekend... or at least that would be my guess.

I've got to get through our Women's Service Project at church - but then it's all baby prep. Our meeting is on December 4th at 9 AM. From there we will get a full adoption packet and get put on the list for the homestudy.

The thing that I learned tonight that was new - is that the homestudy isn't done until a birth mother is interested in your profile. There are stories of people having their homestudy done and within 2 weeks they have a child placed in their home!

Our friend that has already been through this - talked to another of her friends that is extremely close to the leadership at the agency and apparently they have a lot of birth mothers right now... so you never know. John's dream might just become a reality... oh my goodness. My head just starts spinning when I think about how amazing that would be!

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  1. Things move fast in your world Kim! Wow!!

  2. Ya know what's funny/ironic to me? All the time you were seeing doctors, taking treatments, being sick and frustrated from the side effects, not knowing if the meds were working and being disappointed when cycles were canceled. It was as if time stood still because there was no forward motion.

    Then, you drop your hands, loosen your grip on the hope of fertility treatments and surrender all of your emotions, fear, sadness and frustration to God and seek Him earnestly.

    Now look where you are!!!

    The adoption process has sailed!

    And that's not to say you might not encounter some road blocks from here, but it's not to say you will either.

    God has put His mighty hand to work in your lives and because you've trusted in Him, He is doing great things! You & John are such an AWESOME witness to the power, mercy and love of our Lord! You've said "Father, less us us, more of You" and He has heard your prayer!

    It's such an encouragement to me to see my God working in your lives like this; it's a reassurance that He will do it for whomever will entrust their lives to Him.

    Praise the Lord, Kim! This is so wonderful! You're gonna have me a weepy mess by the time this is all over...

  3. This is awesome, amazing news, Kim! I'm so happy for you and John!

  4. I am so happy for you, truly! I wish things had worked out that way for me. I can live vicarously thru you!


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