Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I happen to have the pleasure of working in an office full of women - or at least my department is predominantly women. (Out of 7 of us there is 1 guy.) So if you've heard all of the theories about how if you have a group of women in constant contact with each other - their hormone cycles will become the same.

Somehow this actually is happening at our office - not so much with me... but the other ladies are fairly in sync. Yesterday morning, I was sitting in Karen's (my boss - that I'm not allowed to call my boss) office, and another member of our team came in, Stasha.

She was telling us about her weird evening, and that her cycle started in the middle of the night - which most women know brings cramping and pain. Well, Stasha looks at us and says, "It's days like this that I want to ask Eve, why?!"

To which I replied, "I know, I mean it was an apple... if it had been a brownie, I might understand!"

This made all three of us laugh. I hope that it does you too!

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