Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shopping on Black Friday

Because all of the posts floating around in my head are more of the serious variety - I wanted to start out with something funny before I start writing other things.

Black Friday is upon us once again, and I don't know about you guys - but I loathe this shopping day of every year. I feel like some sort of inadequate freak because I can't even imagine a world where I'd want to go out in the world to shop for Christmas gifts before the sun comes up.

I know some of you out there think this is the best day in the world, and I wish I had your warrior spirit. I just can't shop like that - I'm a much more slow and calculating with my shopping. I need time to process my budget, and figure out how much my budget allows for each person on my list... then I have to choose the best gift that fits in my price range. It's a tedious process!

I can't be forced to make those types of decisions at 6AM on the day after Thanksgiving. I just can't handle the pressure! Not to mention the fact that I sincerely think that Black Friday brings out the worst in humanity - during a time of year that is supposed to be wonderful.

The women shoving and jumping out of line to make sure that they get the last Barbie on the shelf is just not my kind of fun. I feel like I need to be armed with one of these in order to make it through that type of shopping experience.

I bow down to those of you that can handle it - you are truly my (S)Heros because you are shopping warriors... I would rather spend my day at Starbucks sipping something warm while shopping online... anyone out there want to give me an Amen on that version of Black Friday?

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  1. (raises hand emphatically) I DO, I DO!! I will give you a big old AMEN with a side of HALLELUJAH on that one, girlfriend!

  2. I did go shopping on black friday but it was about 1 pm before we hit the stores. At that time all the loonies who camp out had already gone home so it really wasn't bad. I just never can think of anything I want that much to camp out in the cold weather for.


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