Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stick Babies Stick

My friend Summer had her third embryo transfer today, and it looks like she has gotten the best news about the condition of the embryos possible. So if you don't mind joining me in praying for her - I know that she would greatly appreciate being covered in prayer by as many as possible.

Summer is such a beautiful woman, and I truly think of her as one of my sisters... she brightens my days in ways that I can't even begin to tell you about. She's lifted me up when I've been down, and I've tried to be the same for her.

So here is my prayer for them:

Dear Heavenly Father, Please continue having your loving hands on Summer & Adam right now as she recovers from the proceedure of having her embryos transfered back into her body. Please keep those embryos strong and healthy during the transfer, and help them to find the best possible location to stick in and begin implanting. I pray that your will be done; and that Summer and Adam be able to add one, two, or all three babies into their family in nine months. I have gotten to know the people that those babies would have for parents, and I know as well as you do that they are truly a blessing. There aren't two more loving people ready to take on the experience of pregnancy and parenthood. Please help them get through the two week waiting period, and give them the courage and peace to wait for their answered prayer. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Summer - love and hugs to you... hang in there girl, and rest up... DON'T MOVE until those babies stick in there and get implanted. HAHAHAHA!

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  1. Beautiful post for Summer! She's such an amazing woman and I love her dearly.

    Hope you have a great thanksgiving!



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