Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is This Thing On?

Hmmm... it's T minus 4 hours before the close of the Q&A session for this week - and I've gotten zero questions... I'm going to take it as a sign that I should pack it up and try again next week on that series. It was a fairly big afterthought for me last night - I'll admit it! I didn't even remember that it was Wednesday until I did the post.

Things have been nutso in our house for a while, but my body is forcing me to slow it down a bit - the muscles are not giving me much of a break... I started off pretty good this morning, but as the day progresses my back is hurting a little bit more, and my neck is really bothering me.

I feel like we've been on a sprint for the last couple of months, and I might be seeing a slight break for a little while. Now, that being said - I of course don't have a CLUE what could be lurking around the corner.

It's amazingly exciting and terrifiying at the same time to try to wrap your mind around the fact that it could be several months before you have a child... a few short weeks... or just a few short days! Who knows?! God knows... and we'll just trust in Him to provide the strength and energy needed when it is time to take that next step.

Right now we are just trying to finish up our home study - which means:
  • Taking the spam-inals (the dogs) to the vet on Saturday for their shots
  • Having our Environmental Inspection completed at the house (1/30)
  • Having our Fire Inspection completed at the house
  • Completing our physicals with our doctor (2/1)
  • Scheduling our Infant CPR class
We still have our books to finish reading as well as our infant care class to take... but we're wrapping it all up quickly... which means that I'm sort of glad that we're getting to a point where we can catch our breath for a moment, but at the same time - I'm scared of that lull being too long.

I guess I'm going through the classic "Hurry up and Wait" scenario - where there is a flurry of activity, and then you just wait for the unknown... which can be intense... thankfully we're working with some incredible women that will be there for us on the tough days. They have told us that sometimes it might just help to call them just to know that they are still there and working - which I can imagine is a great comfort while you are still waiting for that miracle.

We're also still snuggling with the little bear that we bought for the baby's bed at the hospital - it actually helps me to feel like I'm getting something done right now while my body is killing me... since I can't do much of anything else - I can at least lay with the bear to help the baby bond with me when that time comes. What an amazing day that will be...

It's hard to imagine - when you've waited this long... but I just know that my heart will be so indescribably full on that day... and I imagine there will be lots of tears of joy.

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  1. Oh Kim! I cannot wait until you post about your new angel! Its going to be here so soon. Thinking about you.


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