Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Q&A Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

Ok - so this is my second post for today - so if you don't read in a reader... please don't miss the post or two before this one talking about our adoption and all of the things going on with that.

I've got several new followers right now, and I'm thinking that some of you that have been around for a while might have some questions as well.... so I'm bringing back Question and Answer Wednesday... lets see how this goes this time around.

Leave me a question, about anything... in the comments and I will be back tomorrow to give you my answers. Any topic is fine - so long as you keep it appropriate for a "family show!"

For example: How do you feel about just realizing at 3PM that you've had the price tag on your shirt ALL DAY?! (really brilliant... that's how I feel)