Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Favorites 3

I don't even know what to say about this one, because she truly is one of the best friends I've ever had... we've got an incredible bond that spans across this country - and I can't wait to meet her sometime (hopefully soon!!) - so please welcome one of my Bestie's...

Well hey there, esteemed readers of Thoughts by Kim!

I'm JLI, the Princess behind "From The Desk of a Princess". You're probably thinking "Princess? What's that all about? Is she a snob? A diva? Does she wear a lot of pink?" None of the above!

I am a Daughter of the King. See for yourself:

2 Corinthians 6:18 says "And I will be a father to you, And you shall be sons and daughters to me." Because I know the Word of God is true, I decided to get stamped with it. It's a beautiful and personal description of how He thinks of little old me. I strive (and fail frequently) to live out the truth of this passage, but it's hard. Really hard. Amazing that it would be so tough to accept the idea of truly unconditional love from my Father, but it is. Perhaps it's because love from my biological father was something very coveted and equally elusive when I was a child. Let me just stop right here to say that I love my dad with all my heart and don't hold one ounce of anything from my childhood against him, although that was a work that could have given one of Michaelangelo's masterpieces a run for its money when it came to how much time it took to complete! Today, we have a very good relationship that depends on our continual decision to start from today and pay no attention to yesterday. It works well for us.
If you visit me at The Desk, there's no telling what you'll find! My interests vary as do my moods! ha ha! The Desk began as...oh, heck. I don't know! What it's evolved into is something I can put words to: it's my place to journal about the day to day things that I find humor in. It's where I write about my spiritual struggles and victories. You can always count on getting straight up honesty from me. After all, it's my blog and my little home on the web where I have full liberty to decorate as I like - with pain, sadness, joy, laughter and encouragement. Especially encouragement. That's the most fun! There's plenty of each to be found and it's my hope that during the past two years, I've made it a comfortable place for you to settle in to. Feel free to put your feet up on the coffee table and stay a while!
More recently, textiles have taken my blog captive. I recently picked back up with crochet and knitting and have been exploiting my projects quite often. The project that really jump started the crochet movement was for the lovely Kim and her husband John, who are in the process of adopting a baby. I have since begun several other projects (that are still in the works!) and completed a few (mostly washcloths, which I am now addicted to making! They are w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l!). Needles and yarn are running rampant around our apartment! Bless my husband's heart, he's finally coming around to the notion that this isn't a "grandma" hobby, but one that relaxes me and that I derive great enjoyment from. He even expressed interest, albeit VERY BRIEF, in having me teach him to knit. Hey, I'm all for it!
I also love photography, although I don't find winter very conducive to this particular creative outlet. Check me out in the spring and're sure to see lots of pretty images!
To this day, I still can't remember how Kim & I found one another. I'm sure it was through another blog. She could probably tell you better than I! All that matters to me is that we did meet and have developed a very strong and meaningful friendship. For those who wonder how it's possible to care so deeply about another human you've never met, I say, don't question it! I believe when God decides on relationships, He will make pave the way for them to develop and grow, as is the case with Kim and I. Above all else, we are family - Sisters in Christ - bound eternally by the blood of our Savior and destined to spend eternity in glory together.
Oh, funny tidbit - um....{thinking}...okay. Here's one from the vault: It was my freshman year of high school. I had English with Mr. Navarro. Mr. "The Hottest Teacher in The School" Navarro. Mr. "Plays Guitar in a Band" Navarro! The pressure was on to look cute and be all cool walking in to class for the first time. I timed it perfectly. I would walk in just before the bell, being one of the last students to arrive so that the attention - specifically Mr. Navarro's attention - would be on me. In all theory, it was a genius plan, executed almost perfectly, until...
I approached the door to the classroom, only to come shoulder to shoulder with him. Yep. I was HOT for teacher! So hot, and flustered in fact, that I pulled the door open a little to hard and it hit me square between the eyes as he stood next to me. I imagine my head reared back and a low "Ungh!" forced its way out of my mouth. He asked me if I was okay, to which I said "Yes!" and scooted to the first desk I could find, flushed from embarrassment. I left my first day of English class with a big red bump in the middle of my forehead and a doozie of a headache. The worst pain was, of course, my bruised ego and wasted chance to land the hottest teach in the school (teenage girls...they are so lofty, aren't they?!).
I recently found him on Facebook through a fellow student. In his profile picture, he was sporting a sweet cowboy hat, goatee and guitar. Yeeaaah. Let's just say he aged well.
I hope you'll come pay me a visit! I love new followers and love to find great new blogs to stalk...I mean read!

So there you have it... seriously, go check her out!!

Now, if YOU want to be featured on Friday Favorites - and I hope some of you do... because this will be the last week if I don't get some more submissions!

Write a post for me and be sure to include:
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Email the post to me (you can find my email by clicking through the "About Me" section to the link that says view my complete profile) and I'll post them on a first come first serve basis every Friday until I run out of posts. All are welcome - so please post this on your blogs as well... grab the picture and let others know about it, because the more the merrier.

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  1. the teacher story made me giggle. that just might have been God's way of telling you to be a little more realistic;)


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