Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A favor...

Those of you that don't read through Google Reader or something similar... don't forget to go read this post I wrote earlier.

If you guys - all two of you that read - could do me the biggest favor on the planet... I'd really appreciate it. Could you please say a prayer or fifty for my friend Summer? I love this lady so much - she is just a beautiful embodiment of the human spirit, and friendship... we have so much in common (waiting for babies, wanting a more fulfilling career, baking)... and it breaks my heart to see her in pain.

She's been dealt a nasty blow this week - sort of like the one we experienced... the pain is similar - the situations different. Won't you please say a prayer that Summer & Adam and John & I will be blessed with the children we so rightly deserve?

The four of us have so much love to give to the children we are blessed to raise... and the emotional toll of the last few years is very difficult for us all. So pray that Baby H and Baby Brown would come to us soon - so that we can celebrate and enjoy them!

If you wouldn't believe it - she wrote a post that brought tears to my eyes today with this post... and then turned around and made me laugh out loud with this post!