Friday, March 12, 2010

Forward Fridays - Love

Well, I hope that you all joined me this week by doing something special... either by sending notes in the mail to people that needed a little extra love this week which was last week's assignment for me... or by picking up right along with me, and doing something special for the love in your life.

I don't want to assume that we're all married here - so I say love in a general term... there are so many people in our lives that in the drama of the day to day can easily get forgotten or taken for granted. That was what this assignment was meant to be all about. Taking a moment to let someone special in your life - your spouse, parent, sibling, best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or child - know that you appreciate all that they bring to your life.

I've said it before, but I can't say it often enough - John is a wonderful husband... and a wonderful man in general. He truly is special... and ultimately perfect for me. He is my strength, my comfort, and my soul mate. I love him more and more each day - and can't wait until I can watch him be the amazing father that I know he will be.

This has been a hard week for me emotionally - I can't explain why, but I've been feeling a dark cloud hanging over me for the entire week - and during one of those moments, I learned that our failed placement was hard on John too. I knew that in the back of my mind, but men don't always show emotion the way that women do... and especially not the way THIS woman does. (Heart on my sleeve girl... HERE!!) So, while chatting about my emotions one day this week - John let me in on the secret that he has good and bad days with all of this too. It was good to know that I'm not crazy, and that he feels it too. Not that I want him to hurt or feel any pain, but just knowing that we are in the same place was comforting.

What did I do to show a little extra love and appreciation this week, you ask? Well, one unexpected thing and one planned thing...

I don't know how regional the restaurant, Olive Garden, is... but when you get your check at the end of the meal, they typically bring you this chocolate mint that is one of John's favorites. At the office on Monday - we got a delivery of some candy from one of our sponsors to thank us for the luncheon... and while it wasn't the same chocolate mints that the Olive Garden gives - it tasted exactly the same... so I grabbed a couple of them and brought them home to my Hubs - because I know how much he enjoys them.

Then today, I wrote John a special little note and slipped it in his lunch bag with this breakfast and lunch that I packed for him. The packing of his daily breakfast and lunch isn't any different from everyday, but the special note was! I got a text message while I was still driving to the office this morning telling me that he got it and that he appreciated it.

Tonight we're going on a date night - with dinner and a concert. We'll be seeing the Casting Crowns tonight and I hope that it is a very special night for him - he loves music and he deserves a night to get out and relax after taking such good care of me for the last month or so. (Ok, really 11 years as of today... this is our 11th anniversary of our first date!)


Tell me what you did this week as your pay it forward activity...
* Did you send someone a note in the mail?
* Did you make/buy a special little gift?
* What did you do?

Next week's assignment:

Lets do something special for someone at our office... school... or somewhere that you do work. If you're a stay at home Mom... I'd say this would be a time to do something special for your child or maybe a coach if the child is in little league... or a dance teacher? Be creative folks... and be ready to report back on how you made someone else's day brighter!!


  1. Casting Crowns in concert are AWESOME! I've seen them twice - once was their Christmas concert, which included a couple other artists (who I can't remember's been a couple years). You'll enjoy it, I promise!

  2. oh i love this post.

    i did nothing today but the day is not over.

    i am giving advice to a friend who is sad. but that is not odd for me. i just want her to smile.


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