Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Silliness 1

I thought that each week, I'd bring you a collection of photos and/or stories that have made me laugh during the week... for your enjoyment. Sometimes there might be a theme to the silliness, but other times it might just be a random collection of smiles... like this week...

This one just made me laugh out loud... it's too cute!

This just warms my heart because I have a Boston Terrier - and she is adorable too!

I love the socks!

This one is a little something for Summer... she loves bacon!

Oh, Amen kitty!!

I hope this kitty's name is Donald... because I can totally see season 1 of The Apprentice in this photo.

I just love the look on the kitten's face!

Arg, take that knife!

This is just wrong...but it made me laugh anyway.


I just think this is funny because my dogs do exactly these - and it does match their personality.


This one just cracked me up beyond belief! 

So tell me, what made you laugh this week?

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