Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Talk to Me Tuesday 1

And the last, but not least of the new features... Talk to Me Tuesdays!! This is the day when I will write about something on my mind... and then ask you some questions about your opinion or experiences...

So for my inaugural Talk to Me Tuesday post... I thought we'd talk about this wonderful world that connects most of you to me... blogging. It's so interesting to me how my plunge into the world of blogging took place... I remember starting a news blog at one of my old jobs to pass information around without clogging up everyone's inbox. Which made me start thinking about the "mass emails" that I sent to family and friends when big things happened in our little world.

So, I initially started a blog to keep my family and friends updated on our happenings - and it didn't really take off. At that point, I was paying for it - and it was before blogging became a big new thing... I got the bug again when I found out that you could do it for free... and I had more interesting things going on - like weight loss surgery.

I started writing about my experiences while trying to navigate the crazy maze of insurance hoops that were needed to get weight loss surgery covered - only to get to the end of the maze to find that our insurance policy never intended to cover it. I digress, as I moved through the process - people started following my blog that weren't family or friends... but they quickly became friends!

As I then took the plunge into the world of fertility treatments for the second time - which really could also be considered the first time...since our initial doctor fired us before ever even trying to treat us. I met some more wonderful women who I have grown to call friends.

Now, I'm finding some more new friends through the world of adoption...and the unique challenges that come with navigating the adoption process. The one common thread though is that the support of other women is incredible. I often in my youth had a hard time being really close friends with other girls - because we always seemed in competition with each other... but blogging has opened a world that allows us to become friends with the inner person - sometimes people that might not have given you the time of day in other circumstances you might not have been able to become friends. (Especially for shy folks, like me!)

I truly have met some kindred spirits through the world of blogging... very special women that I can only hope and pray that I will get to meet at some point in my life... I can imagine the laughing and late night chatting that would happen if we did get to meet. That is if I got up the courage to show up - but I know that some of you know me well enough to push me on that... and I know that I wouldn't regret it, and would probably count that experience as one of the best in my life.

Sooooo... here's the interactive part....

1) Tell me what brought you into the wonderful world of blogging...
2) Tell me about the blogs that you just can't live without reading everyday...

As always - feel free to grab the image and join in the party on your own blog... just leave me a comment and let me know you're doing it so I can pop over and see what you write!
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