Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Talk to Me Tuesday 3

Before we jump off into Talk to Me Tuesday - I want to remind everyone that you have until midnight tomorrow to get your entries in for the Your Choice Giveaway! Remember that you get an extra entry for posting about it on your own blog... so don't lose that one extra chance to win your fabulous prize!

Ok, so now we can get down to today's post. I struggled with deciding on if I wanted to post anything about this topic or not, but in the end - if I stay true to myself... then I have to be every bit as transparent as I always have been.

Of course, nothing goes without risks - but we've been notified of the possiblity of another baby. The situation is totally different, but has it's own unique challenges. The birth mom chose us because we have no other children, and is due in the later part of April. There are some legal issues and things that are being worked through with the birth father, but we are all praying that this works out for the best interests of everyone involved.

We would appreciate each of you joining us in praying that the final few weeks of the pregnancy will bring no surprises. That our birth mom will have a healthy delivery, and a peace about her decision. We want the baby to be safe and healthy through all of that as well. Additionally, we pray that the birth father will realize that he might not be acting in the best interests of himself or the baby at this time...and that he will have a peace about the situation as well.

In addition, we ask that you please keep John and I in your prayers. As with the last time, there are still hurdles that will have to be overcome. It is possible for this child to come into our home only to have him taken away if a judge choose to grant the birth father custody. We need each of you to pray feverishly that God will intervene in the life of this little boy and ensure that he is given the best chance at life possible. With the information that we know of the birth father, we have to believe his best chance would be with us. So that is what we are asking everyone to pray for.

So how does this fit into the Talk to Me Tuesday format? Well, I just thought that I'd give you guys the chance to sound off on what you would tell someone that might have their first baby boy come home in a few short weeks...

What things do you wish someone would have told you before hand?
What are some things that you couldn't have lived without during those first few weeks?