Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Talk to Me Tuesday 4

So - today - I'm going to give you a glimpse into the irrational side of myself... the side that is so nauseated - that all I want to do is sleep... and eat tacos?! Oh yes, my friends... today I swear that I would literally HURT someone for a taco!

I'm not even kidding... it's like something has taken over my mind, and these are the images floating around in there...

What is wrong with me, you might ask? Yeah... no clue... but I'm gonna have to make a run for the border as soon as I get my April "fun money"!!

Are you guys having any irrational thoughts today? Any weird food needs? Television? Anything?

Is it just me? Please say it aint so!!


  1. mmm.. taco bell. on that note, i think its lunch time :-)

  2. When my hormones are wacked out, I go crazy for food!

  3. Good grief woman! GO GET SOME TACOS!! :)

  4. My taste buds are going crazy thanks to you! LOL. Pick me up one too =)

  5. Nope...I need a Landlord Sandwich from the Richmond Arms in the worst way...


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