Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chronologically Me

With all the lovely new followers around these parts... I thought that it might be fun to write a bit of an autobiography of sorts. I've seen this done once before - but haven't ever done it myself... so here goes. Grab a snack or a cup of coffee/tea and enjoy!

1978 - It was a wonderful Monday, morning when I was born on May 16th of this year. My parents and my two older sisters welcomed me into the family in Houston, TX. I know that it was the highlight of all of their lives... hahaha... it was apparently a very scary and grueling birth - because the story that has circulated all my life is that I became stuck in the birth canal, and at one point the doctors asked my Dad who he wanted the doctors to focus on saving.

The movie Grease came out this year... which funny enough was my favorite as a child... I watched our BETA (anyone remember that?!) tape of the movie until I wore it out.

1979 - I'd say that I began walking during this year... and generally getting into trouble. Sadly, I've googled both 1978 and 1979 and nothing notable has happened around my birthday... no major stars were born on my birthday either.

The highest grossing movie for this year was Kramer vs Kramer... which I don't think I've actually ever seen.

1980 - Ahhh, the terrible twos... since you know - I don't really have any recollection of these years - I can share with you some stories that I've heard about myself. Much later in life, a cousin of mine - Angi - told me that when I was really young... they would come visit, and I'd lock them in my room and force them to play with me! I would threaten to cry if they didn't, and since they didn't want to upset my mother... they'd do it! Priceless!

The Empire Strikes Back came out in 1980... funny that the movie doesn't seem that old!

1981 - Another story, I'm sure it happened somewhere around in here. I'm not sure of the context - but somehow I was left alone long enough... and with a blue marker... to color my entire bathroom in my house (I believe it was connected to my room at the time). I mean we're talking walls, soap, you name it... I worked magic on it!

Raiders of the Lost Arc came out this year... geez... lots of classics when I was too young to enjoy them! One of my all-time favorite television shows came to an end this year as well - Eight is Enough... I guess I never knew it other than in reruns.

1982 - Right around in here - I somehow got the Chicken Pox at a very early age. I'd guess that someone from my Mother's Day Out program or something had an older sibling that picked it up from school... but all I remember about it is that my Dad brought me a really cool stuffed clown that I loved. I don't know whatever happened to that thing, but I know that it was something I treasured for a long time.

Ahhhh... and E.T. became the highest grossing movie of all time and held the record until Jurrasic Park came out. Noteable shows such as: Cheers, Square Pegs, Family Ties, Knight Rider, and Silver Spoons all made their debut during this year.

1983 - Around this time, my parents and I moved to the country! We moved to Brenham, TX (home of Blue Bell ice cream... and if you don't know what that is - it's REALLY a shame!) We now have horses, ducks, cows, dogs, and cats all around... and I love it. I have my own horse named Libby that I took riding lessons on. My older sister, Cathi, comes to live with us on the farm... up to this point she and our sister, Cindy, lived in Dallas with their Mom. In the fall, I began Kindergarten... at a private school - thankfully - I only spent one year at that school.

Another of the original Star Wars triology debuted during this year... Return of the Jedi. NO WAY - on my birthday this year... Michael Jackson did the moonwalk on television for the first time... hysterical!

1984 - In the summer of this year, I suffer a broken ankle... I believe it happened while rough housing with my sisters... but I spend most of the summer in a cast. I thought this was a huge travesty - because I had to miss out on painting the fence around our house and swimming lessons... oh the terrors of childhood.

Punky Brewster, Kids Incorporated (anyone else love this one?), Who's the Boss, and The Cosby Show premiered during 1984. Beverly Hills Cop and Ghostbusters premiered during this year as well... I still love me some Ghostbusters... "I ain't afraid of no ghost!"

1985 - Second grade... I remember for some reason that this was my favorite teacher up to this point... her name was Mrs. Ham, but I can't remember anything else about her. During school that year - I swallowed a piece of plastic... it was attached to one of those deals you put at the end of your pencil with a spring on it and then something at the end of the spring decorating your pencil. It had a very dull point at the end for the spring to sit on... and I swallowed that part... I literally thought it was going to pierce my heart and I'd die from swallowing it. I waited - but it never happened. HA!

Back to the Future is the big movie of the year... and in television: MacGyver, Growing Pains, and Golden Girls make their entrance onto the scene.

1986 - January 1st of this year, my family lost a great man... my maternal grandfather, Tank, passed away after a massive heart attack. Later this year too, my parents began the process of getting a divorce. My Mom and I moved off the farm and out to West Texas... to be near her mother, sisters, and my cousins.

Top Gun was the big movie of this year... I still to this date haven't seen this one. How I missed it, I don't know. Designing Women hit the scene on television - with some of my favorite characters on television... they were such an awesome mix of whit and humor.

1987 - Not sure of much notable stuff happening this year... I believe that this was the year that for my birthday - my Dad took my sister, Cindy and I on a trip through Arizona and to Disney Land. The story that he most loves to tell about that trip is that we went to the Grand Canyon and I didn't get out of the car... but my favorite story is about the bird pooping on his "trip hat" while we were at the San Diego Zoo.

Movie: Three Men and a Baby
Television: Married...with Children, Full House, Different World, and Duck Tales (WOOO OOO!)

1988 - This year, my Mom and I move back to Houston in time for me to start the 5th grade. During that school year, a boy managed to plow into me while riding a skateboard... and cut open my chin - so I got to experience going to see a plastic surgeon to have it stiched back up.

Movies: Rain Man & Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Television: The Wonder Years, Murphy Brown, and Roseanne

1989 - We moved to the suburbs just before the beginning of summer this year, and my new best friend lived right across the street from us. She had a pool... and somehow managed to break her toe with the pool ladder that summer. She had to have it surgically reset with a pin...

Movies: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (we'll learn later that it wasn't the last crusade!) and Batman
Television: Baywatch, Doogie Howser, M.D., Saved by the Bell, and COPS (bad boy, bad boy...what ya gonna do... what ya gonna do when they come for you...)

1990 - Ahhh... 7th grade begins... and I feel like such a grown up... because I had a super cute male teacher for the first time. Then 6 weeks into the school year... we moved again. This time, we moved into the area that I'd live until I graduated... and met the kids that I'd spend the biggest portion of my development with. My Dad married my Stepmom - Lynne - during this year.

Television: Fresh Prince of Bellaire, Beverly Hills 90210, Law & Order

1991 - My sister, Cathi, got married in this year... to Kevin - my brother in law that I met when I was 5... I remember that because when they first started dating - he dropped her off one night, my cat jumped in his truck, and he had to return him the next day.

Movies: Terminator 2, Beauty and the Beast, and The Silence of the Lambs
Television: The final episode of Dallas aired... I had no idea it went on that long! Blossom made it's debut.

1992 - High school.... is there anything more bizarre? My first "best" friend during high school and I met the second day of classes - or well... we should have met the first day, but neither of us had the courage to say anything. We sat near each other - had a class together - and both just sat there smiling at each other like a couple of dorks! Sadly, though - my paternal grandfather passed away this year. During this time, people were doing a lot of protesting of wearing fur... and my cousin wanted to throw red paint on my sisters' grandmother at the funeral because she wore a fur coat. Thank goodness she didn't!!

Movie: Aladdin
Television: The Real World, Melrose Place, and Mad About You premiere.

1993 - This school year was so much fun... at least the school year was the anticipation of getting my drivers license soon... driver's education... come on... freedom is on the horizon! HA! 
Movie: Jurrasic Park
Television: The Nanny, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, and Beavis & Butthead premiere.

1994 - My drill team was offered the chance to perform at Epcot Center at Disney World... so the most amazing trip with all my girlfriends happened in the spring of this year. Shortly before the trip, my Dad's mother passed away - she helped pay for that trip - so it had special meaning to me. Upon my return from the trip - my Mom met me at the airport with the car that her mother had purchased for me!!

Movies: Forest Gump & The Lion King
Television: Party of Five, Friends, and ER

1995 - Junior year of high school... driving... drill team... and photography. This year, I joined the photography staff of the newspaper and yearbook... I LOVED it! I loved being in the dark room and printing my own pictures - I can't imagine anything more fun.

Movies: Toy Story & Batman Forever
Television: Literally, nothing note worthy premiered that year... but the O.J. Simpson trial was on television for NINE months!! UGH! I do remember however where I was when the verdict was read - should have been in class at school, I think... but I was at a Firestone getting my car fixed.

1996 - GRADUATION!! Does anyone look forward to anything more than graduating from high school? Going to college? Being 100% sure that the friends you had in high school will be the only ones in your life... forever... yeah - ummm... I can barely remember the names of people I went to high school with, and if it weren't for Facebook now - I certainly wouldn't be in contact with many of them. In February, my first niece, Megan, was born! In the fall of 1996, my two friends (Kimberly & Stephanie) and I moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama for our first semester at the University of Alabama.

Movies: Independence Day & Jerry Maguire
Television: Everybody Loves Raymond

1997 - After one semester away from home, I moved back to Texas... I moved to College Station to begin school at Blinn College in preparation for getting into Texas A&M. My high school sweetheart dumped me the day I moved home in December 1996... so I spent a good part of the year getting over that. We spent spring break back in Alabama visiting and getting the rest of our stuff. The first time that I "met" John on the internet happened during the spring semester of this year... In October, my second niece, Brittany was born!

Movies: Titanic & Men in Black
Television: Ally McBeal

1998 - The year started off great - during the first week of the year, Stephanie and her parents took me to New York City with them... her birthday is New Years Eve - so that was her gift. We got to go see Rent and Titanic on Broadway, and thus my love of theater was born!

Lets just call this one the lost year... I ended up in 1997 meeting a guy that I had ZERO business dating... he was abusive and an alcoholic... and it took a lot for me to get over him. John resurfaced during thsi year to try to talk me into dumping that guy - but I wasn't ready. He was attached to someone else anyway - so we just moved on our separate ways... I did however break it off with that guy in the early part of that summer... and started dating a fireman.

Movies: Saving Private Ryan & Armageddon
Television: Dawson's Creek, Sex and the City, Felicity, Will & Grace, and Charmed premiere.
1999 - On March 12, my life changed forever... John and I finally had our first date... and the rest is history! My little football fan, his parents, and I traveled to several away football games this year... including the Alamo Bowl game where I got food poisoning, and had to spend 8 hours in the ER on the way back home from the trip! Somewhere in the middle of it all - I went to Washington D.C. with my Dad and sisters. My sister, Cindy, also got married this year... which her engagement party was the first time that John met my Dad... and just shortly after that - he wrecked my car. HAHAHA!

Movies: Star Wars: Episode 1 & The Sixth Sense
Television: Law & Order: SVU and The West Wing

2000 - I graduated from Texas A&M in August of this year. Moved back to Houston, got my first job in fundraising at the YMCA... and thus... real life began. (Read: Bills and Responsibility) We enjoy a wonderful family trip to Michigan getting to see some amazing parts of the country in September...

Movie: Mission Impossible II
Television: Survivor & Gilmore Girls
2001 - John and I become engaged! I was supposed to go on a girls only trip to Chicago on September 12th of that year... but as you all know... we didn't get to take that trip. September 11th, was a sad day for our history... and my first day on my second job post college.

Movie: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Television: Scrubs, According to Jim, and 24

2002 - In January, just a few weeks before our wedding - I got laid off from my job because of funding issues. So I had to find a new job - which I did, and was able to start before the wedding. On February 23rd... we were married and went on a fabulous honeymoon to Beaver Creek, CO. In May, after experiencing symptoms that we thought were related to potentially being pregnant... I went to the doctor to only find out that I was suffering from Type II Diabetes. (To which my Dad promptly told John there were no refunds for "sick" daughters... nice...) My two honor attendants at our wedding were pregnant... so in August, John's sister had our first niece named Taylor... and two months later in October... my sister had our second niece named Taylor! (My little brother, Josh, was born during October of 2002 as well, but we wouldn't meet him until July 2004.)

Movie: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Television: The Bachelor & Without a Trace

2003 - Continued with trying to treat and manage my diabetes, unsuccessfully. My Dad & Lynne announced that they wanted to adopt two kids from Guatemala... so I became the middle sister of sorts here in my mid-20's! (In October, my little sister, Gabby is born... but we don't meet her until 2004.)

Movie: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Television: Las Vegas & One Tree Hill

2004 - We go see our first infertility specialist this year... and after only a couple of visits - he manages to totally screw up my blood sugars... and FIRE me as a patient. Telling me that I can't come back until my blood sugar is under control. He also managed to scare us away from seeking a second opinion by telling us that it was medically unsafe for me to carry a child at that point. In July, I travel to Guatemala to help Lynne bring Joshy home to the US... I also get to meet Gabby shortly before she comes home later in the fall of that year.

Movie: Shrek 2
Television: Lost, Desperate Housewives, and House
2005 - I took the plunge and got a new job for a large pay raise... it was perfect for a little while, but ended up being a nightmare. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit... and the day after Katrina hit - we left for a road trip to Williamsburg, VA... driving through the devestated areas, and waiting in line for gas for over 2 hours in some places.

Movie: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Television: Grey's Anatomy, Bones, and My Name is Earl

2006 - John and I have some marital problems... thus leading me to accept Christ for the first time, and for us to join a church. John joined the Worship Team at our church as well... and we began to blossom as a couple. I start classes to become a certified teacher.

Movie: Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest
Television: Heroes, Ugly Betty, and 30 Rock

2007 - I land myself in the hospital for 5 days in January with an absess that had to be surgically removed... this is the turning point where I decide by April that I want to have weight loss surgery. I start this blog, and then I spent the next 6 months trying to get insurance approval paperwork together - only to find that there was never any possibility of them paying for surgery. In September, our youngest niece, Brooklyn is born. In November, I have a gastric bypass. In December, our first church merges with a mega-church in the area - and we lose our church home.

Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Television: Private Practice
2008 - In January, we find a new church home - our current church that we love dearly! In May, I was laid off from my job... to which I didn't find a new one until September. (just two days before Hurricane Ike hits!) Just before I go back to work - I go on a girls trip to Gatlinburg, TN with Lynne and my sisters... LOVE IT! I then came home and had my gallbladder removed... so that makes 3 surgeries within a year of each other.

Movie: The Dark Knight
Television: The new 90210...

2009 - We spend the majority of the year seeing our second infertility specialist going through various treatments and setbacks... to decide in September that there wasn't any point in continuing. Through all the treatments that we endured - they never could get my body to produce an egg... so we stopped. In October, we began our adoption process and turned in our initial paperwork with the agency. We had our first meeting in December with them...

Movie: Avatar
Television: The new Melrose Place...

2010 - Here we are... in January/Feb: we completed our home study for the adoption. On February 19th, the first baby that we thought would be placed with us (a girl) was born... while we were at the hospital - but that was not to be. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our second baby (a boy) to be born in April... and from there... who knows?!

Beyond... you'll have to keep reading to find out!


  1. 1985: A great year for 2 reasons.
    1.) The Golden Girls. My all time favorite sitcom. 2.) 3 Words: RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON. Yum yum delicious. I had the BIGGEST kid-crush on him!

    1986: How can you have NEVER seen Top Gun? If I bring a big needle, can I pop the bubble you're livin' in and watch it with you?!?

    1987: Crap, I'm old. Full House debuted? I still watch it...sheesh.

    1990: Oh, do I get the whole cute male teacher thing. What did you dream wedding dress look like? :)

    1992: You were too shy to talk? Nooooo....

    1994: What was the new car?

    1995: You got to work in a dark room? So jealous...

    1998: Rent? On Broadway? {swoon} Even MORE jealous! Say it locally and it was awesome! I love theater too and need a pal to see shows with? So, when ya moving to Missouri?

    2006: The best year of your life. I promise!

    Gee Kim...why did this take so long? HA! Love ya girl!

  2. I have enjoyed reading your post on the 25th. It was great to see things from the past that you mentioned. My husband's family is from Brenham.

    Yes I see we have a wonderful friend in comman.


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