Thursday, March 25, 2010

Your Choice - Winner

We have a winner folks... can I get a drumroll, please?

Congratulations, JLI - you are the big winner!!

Send me an email to confirm your address and prize choice. If I don't get a response within 24 hours - I'll pick a new winner.

Thanks to everyone for entering - I am so excited about all the new blogs that I found to read! I'll be doing another giveaway really soon... and big things are about to happen in our house - so stick around! I'll also be putting up another post today - that will be a fun read for everyone.


  1. NO WAY!!!!!!!! I never win these things! I'm super excited! YAY!

    Seriously! I'm totally surprised...and to win on my bestie's blog?! Just sweetens the deal...



  2. Uh, not sure what's up with the "anonymous"....just so you know, if I click on the Name/URL option to post my comment, it doesn't give me a way to type the info in. So usually I click on "Publish Your Comment" and that forces it to pop up. I think this comment thing is a little wonky. JLI


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