Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

I can't help but remember how I felt this time last year facing the toughest day of the year for a woman waiting for her miracle. There are still some very special ladies in my life that are waiting on their babies to complete their families...

If you have a few minutes - just say a prayer for my friends: Summer, Jenn I., Leslee, and several others... may they have their miracles either in their arms or in their bellies before another Mother's Day rolls around.

This year has a very different feel for me... and I'm grateful for both blessings that I've got in 2010... it is more challenging than anything I'd ever expected, but more than worth it! I know that the boys living in my house have some things cooked up for tomorrow, and I can't wait to enjoy it with them.

I wish all the Mother's out there a very special and happy Mother's Day... and for those of you still waiting... just remember that this day isn't solely about having children... it's a celebration of all the things that women do in the world... and no matter what, each of us leaves a special mark on those in our lives!