Saturday, August 21, 2010

Crazy Days

I think a friend of mine explained my feelings on pregnancy this week. I think it is an amazing gift, and an incredible process... BUT inside of my body - I'm not enjoying it. There are some people that glow and feel great for the entire 9 months... but that's not me. My body seems to be more like the middle of a war zone - and since there is a good portion of the time when I'm NOT pregnant that I feel like crud... I'd have to say that it hasn't been easy.

That all being said - it is absolutely 100% without a doubt in the world... worth every minute of the process. To know that at the end of it - you will have created a beautiful little bundle of sweetness... I can't imagine anything more worth the struggle.

This week has certainly contained challenges that have gradually gotten a little more and more intense. I hit the 30 week mark this week, and with that came some extremes in the leg/ankle swelling... and my blood pressure starting to play tricks on me.

I'm guessing this is the point where I am figuring out why I've been called high risk for the last few months. My blood pressure up until Tuesday had been running right around 112/74... but then something sort of snapped and it started cruising higher and higher. Wednesday it started hitting 120/83... Thursday 125/86... and yesterday when I arrived at John's office in the afternoon it was 138/96! All of this comes with a side order of a monster headache...

I waited about 10 minutes or so and took it again... which brought it down to 132/91... so I went ahead and called the doctor's office. Basically when that happens my only course of action is to wait 2 hours, retake my blood pressure and if it hasn't gone down with some rest and an increase in fluid intake... we've got ourselves a pass to go straight to Labor & Delivery.

Thankfully, it did settle down last night - and we didn't have to reschedule James' 4 month shots for the second time. Poor little man had a rough night last night... I wish that with all the medical technology we have out there - that they could figure out a way to make the baby shots easier on their little bodies. Maybe 1 shot instead of 3? Make all of them oral, like the one they gave him that was made in that format? I'm not sure what the answer is, but I believe there HAS to be something!

We've got strict orders to try to spend as much time as possible relaxing, hydrating, and keeping my feet elevated this weekend... so hopefully mixed in with that will be some really lovely naps too!

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