Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I just got done with another doctor's appointment - only this time with my primary care doc... who is FABULOUS. I told him about some of the concerns that my OB has been having, and he thinks I'm doing beautifully.
I told him about the birth control pill issue - but he really didn't have any thoughts on that right now - we'll talk about it again later and I'll more than likely be asking his opinion on a new doctor for all things female. I just don't feel like the current female doc is with the program on my body enough to know that so far - I'm 27 & 1/2 weeks pregnant... and have ZERO blood pressure problems. It is still running right around 112/74... so I'd say that for me... that's DARN good!
I also talked to him about the weight gain issues... I'm up another 3 pounds since last Tuesday - which I mentioned... and he put it into perspective for me. He said that everyone's hormones are different...and doesn't understand why she's giving me so much grief about it. I told him that I felt like her point is that I should have enough extra weight to sustain another human life, but he said that he doesn't think it works like that. Even if it did - he told me that he doesn't think that nutritionally that is a very sound way to look at things.
So there ya go... I might be as big as a house... but Tyler will be healthy! HA! I'm not far off on that assesment either - because I would swear that my stomach enters a room about 5 minutes before the rest of me does. I know you guys want to see a photo... I'm working on that courage... maybe this weekend.
In other news:
It looks like I'm the mother of a teething baby now... both John and the sitter think that they've noticed a knot or tooth bud under the skin on his gums... and because we like to be different - it looks like James' first tooth will be an inscisor... I've got a vampire baby, ya'll! :-) That's okay though - because he's so incredibly sweet... and he's starting to like short snuggles with Mommy... so you can't beat that.
At some point in the near future - John's office wants him to fly to Memphis for a few days... so it looks like James and I will be on our own for a little bit - Lord help me! Not that he's a bad baby, but John sure does a LOT to help this preggo keep it all flowing. I've always missed him terribly when he's gone on business before - and that was before we had a baby!
I guess that's about all that is going on for today - other than me cracking up at my family... who wants to all move to a compound in the country and become a self-sustaining enterprise... I don't know if there is a parcel of land big enough for the 15 of us! (at some point we'd like to be 18 strong... so even scarier!) It is hysterical to plan with them though... it's sort of like a human version of the book Animal Farm.

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