Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Have you heard?

Since we're about to have another tooshie to diaper everyday... and keep clean with wipes... we try to stay fairly knowledgeable about the different deals and ways to acquire such products for our house. John was using Diapers.com for a long time, but found that we weren't getting the best deals anymore.

Our local Sam's store doesn't sell diapers in James' size - but they do sell them in the next size up... so we were looking at going that route, until we found a better offer!! Have you heard about Amazon Mom? It's a program where you can sign up for automatic delivery of baby products that you use most often with free 2 day shipping and a 30% discount on diapers and wipes!

We signed up immediately, and literally got our first order of wipes sent via Fed Ex overnight to us... which was amazing. We are members of Amazon Prime - because we do so much shopping with them during the holidays... and I feel this year will almost exclusively be shopped for via the web since we'll have two babies!

I wanted to pass on the good news to my friends in the event that you might want to sign up as well - we've had some great success with the program so far, and are thrilled that we can order Tyler's first round of diapers the day he's born - so that we can see what size this booger really is - and they'll be on our doorstep when we get home!

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