Sunday, September 26, 2010

(Mostly) Silent Sunday

Getting a little football run-down from PawPaw

Getting one last bottle with Daddy before the first Aggie game of the season...

Carrot Face! 

More carrot face... this makes me laugh cause it looks like a lipstick mishap

Hanging out with Nana

Get in my belleh milk! 

We're ready to celebrate... and James has his costume... he'll be an adorable puppy to be shown later. 

I'll give you three guesses as to what Daddy and I are thankful for this year...

Daddy picked this out for James' 6 month photos

We went shopping last weekend to get a few things for Tyler... we wanted him to have a few things of his own, and some stuff with sleeves since the boys are opposite on seasons.

Another outfit for the soon to come little mister...

I'm not super into having the boys match... but we'll do it a few times... 

One more... maybe just on holidays... speaking of which - I need to start looking for them a Christmas outfit.

Tyler's home from the hospital outfit... you never know what our weather will do over the next few weeks - so it's good for cool or warm days. 

James has recently started trying to grab the items in his mobile on the swing... it makes me laugh.

Mr. Intense... he's about to REALLY show those lambs who's boss...

The other day after James' 4AM bottle... John brought him back to bed... and we just got a kick out of how small he looks in our bed. We snuggled like this again today too - which was good for this bed rested Mama who can't lift her little man anymore.


  1. Such cute stuff! I *have* to get my son that little Carter's "Off To Grandma's" outfit. I love it! That's so cool you'll have 2 boys so close... seems like it'll be a lot of fun. :)

  2. I think James looks so much like John in the picture where he's staring down the lambs on his mobile!


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