Friday, September 24, 2010

Limited Movement

It looks like I have officially been put on the disabled list... it's been coming for a good while - and especially since my last trip over to Labor & Delivery. This week, however, I've gone done in a crashing flame... okay, okay... it's not THAT dramatic.

It started on Tuesday at my doctor's appointment - which my blood pressure was 136/95... it of course didn't get better when the doctor made a bone-headed statement that my blood pressure readings were looking great as she breezed into the exam room. Of course, John and I gave each other a weird look and asked her what number she saw?! Apparently it wasn't the one they'd just gotten... can I just tell you it was a REAL confidence booster?!

Anyway, we proceeded on with the exam and of course Tyler looked great on the ultrasound - no updates on numbers or size, but he seems to be growing well and practicing his breathing like he should be. He is still positioned really high, but had actually moved down a little bit since the week before... I think he's back where he was originally though... but we'll know more about that on Monday.

Since my blood pressure reading was high in her office - this was the first time that has happened during the pregnancy - she ordered all the blood labs that she's done when I've had blood pressure spikes, and the 24 hour urine collection... can I just say that there is nothing more humiliating than having to do that at WORK!

I returned that "specimen" yesterday morning, but in the meantime I was supposed to be taking regular readings of my blood pressure... and blood sugars. Because both were getting wonky. My sugars were going higher and higher - so I had to make a trip to see my PCP on Wednesday, and we made a game plan... which seems to be working alright.

My pesky blood pressure readings, however, remained acting up all through Tues, Wed, and yesterday - until I finally got a hold of the doctor's office at about 1:30. I gave them all of my readings, and they told me that they'd let the doctor know when she got back from seeing a patient on the Labor & Delivery floor... so about an hour later - I found out that my urine test came back positive for my body spilling protein (a major sign of preeclampsia) and that I was to go directly to Labor & Delivery for observation... and that I'd be put on bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy more than likely.

I got checked in, and quickly found out that I was having some major contractions that I wasn't originally aware of - they were coming about every 1-3 minutes...and while I know they can and will get MUCH worse before this deal is over... I was fairly miserable... granted, that mainly had to do with needing to lay on by back in order to be monitored - because a certain little man, who I won't name - thinks that kicking the monitor is a LOT of fun.

After being in there for several hours and my blood pressure coming down a bit - they let me eat, and the doctor came in to talk to me. She checked my cervix... and it was dilated to 1 - and can I just ask if checking that is supposed to be a painful experience that made me come close to passing out?! Geez! So her plan at that time was to monitor things for another 2 hours and have the nurses call her to let her know how things were going.

In those two hours, there wasn't any major change or slowing to the contractions - so I got a wonderful pass to spend the night - JOY - They monitored me from midnight to 1AM and again from 4AM to 5AM... and the contractions were still hanging in there. I got hooked back up around 7:30 this morning and saw the doctor shortly after that... of course she came in when Tyler decided he finally would like to sleep... 

So she wanted them to monitor me until he was up and active again to make sure that he was doing alright... but the general diagnosis is that I am on strict bed rest for the duration of this pregnancy - which she hopes will go at least another week and a half... John and I would like for Tyler to make it at least to the 37 week mark... but she is still on target for not wanting me to get past 38 weeks in total. So that means somewhere between a few days to 3 weeks of bed rest for me. I'm only allowed to go to doctor's appointments, take a shower, get some food or a drink, and go to the restroom... other than that I'm not allowed to do it. HOW am I going to entertain myself past tomorrow?! Thank goodness for my nook... I guess I'll do a lot of reading.

She almost didn't want to let me leave the hospital today because I spiked in contractions and blood pressure readings when James came to visit last night - but poor little man wasn't having a good time, and I desperately wanted to pick him up and try to help soothe him... but I couldn't... so I was one sad, frustrated, and worried Mama. He doesn't have too many moments like that when he's in his own environment... so I think we'll be fine at home.

I am to go in for checkups twice a week, and always be prepared to stay... but we're going to try to eek out every day that we can for some more growth and development. I certainly hope that he makes it to October 9th - because at least then they'd be EXACTLY 6 months apart... and have something to celebrate (their 1/2 birthday) on their brother's birthday... it is also my little sister's birthday, but there are already 7 October birthdays in our family... so there is no shortage on the potential to share a day with someone.

That's the latest on our end... and I think you can safely expect a good amount of posting in the next few days/weeks while I'm trying to entertain myself... and I can potentially get caught up on reading about what's going on with all of you! YAY!


  1. Yep. I remember it well... 18 weeks of bed rest, two meds to keep me out of labor, a 4 1/2 year old to entertain, and orders to drink at minimum a gallon of water daily. Hello? Pregnant woman, baby who liked to dance on the bladder, bed rest = not so much fun!

    It was a great opportunity to read, meditate, pray, worship, sing - and receive. Lots of people wanting to gift me with love, practical help, etc. It's hard to receive when you're used to being the giver. But God used it.

    Hard to believe that baby is 13 1/2 years old now!

    You'll be in my prayers!

  2. On checking the cervix, some are much more gentle than others - it would be nice if they were all gentle.

    And you know, bed rest is really nice . . . . . . . . . . the first 2 or 3 days. After that, it is really boring. Even as someone who loves to read, I got tired of reading.

    If there are any crafts that you can do in bed, you might want John to pick up supplies. Or maybe even teach yourself to knit or crochet using the internet and youtube. A fairly quick project is a dishcloth (like the size of a washcloth) it isn't anything that others will necessarily see (like a scarf) but is functional even if it is ugly. It does need cotton yarn though because acrylic doesn't work for a washcloth at all. For me an added benefit to learning to knit was that I couldn't eat while knitting - and mindless snacking is sooooooo easy on bedrest.

    Praying for you!


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