Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Turning 3 is Cheesy

Our youngest niece, Brooklyn turned 3 on September 20th... but her birthday party was last Sunday at Chuck E. Cheese...and I think she had a ball! I wasn't there, but John and James were able to go... I had to stay in bed - more updates on that after tomorrow's doctor's appointment.

So to celebrate Miss Brooklyn in all her glory - I thought I'd share some of the photos that John took so that I could feel like I was there...

Okay, first off a picture of my cutie pie with his MawMaw and Aunt Susan

Brooklyn and her big sister Taylor

Brooklyn with her Mom and Taylor

The crowned princess...

Cake is always the best part, right?!

Pretty princess enjoying her cake

Gettin' cheesy with Chuck

Judging by her face... I'm thinking the cake met her standards

Ticket machine with a little help from her Dad

Doesn't that seem overwhelming? I'd love to be in one with $100 bills though!

My boys... oh how I love these two... and soon to be 3!

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