Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bathtime Fun

As promised - here are some photos from the weekend... including yesterday which was full of bottles, bottles, more bottles, baby food, naps... and baths for everyone!

One proud Papa and his youngest son...

Tyler taking a short nap break in the portable crib shortly after getting home.

James playing with John's Dad

Tyler in the bassinet

The yummy marble cake that John's parents brought over with lunch yesterday...

Prepping for our first bath at home... the nurses bathed him up to this point - so it was our first time to bathe him.

James playing while his brother got a bath... waiting his turn.

Tyler getting his hair washed...

Maggie... she wants everyone to know that she's still around even though we've brought TWO babies into the house. HAHAHA! She really doesn't seem to mind the boys much.

Missy isn't as sure about this whole baby thing... when James first came home she'd escape upstairs to get away from the crying... Tyler hasn't seemed to bother her much yet.

Tyler's bath time...

All wrapped up in a towel... getting warm again.

Off to dream land while brother gets a bath...

My chunky monkey getting his bath... doesn't he look so BIG compared to Tyler?!

Dad and James hanging out after our photo session today...

The big bro looking simply adorable! 

Tyler man getting a nap after all the photo fun...

I absolutely CAN'T WAIT to see the photos that our photographer took of us today... there are going to be some gems in there... I just know it! I'm already thinking Christmas card & newsletter...


  1. Hi Kim and John, I was just catching up on all your pics and what a beautiful family you have. I'm sending much joy to you from Maryland and in the days ahead there is SOME sleep in the picture for Kim and John. Kim, you have written before about wanting to write and I think there is a good book in the wonderful story of your family and your babies...take care. Susan

  2. Mm, I can smell the baby lotion all the way up here in Missouri! Those boys are so stinkin' DARLING!! I will meet them one day...soon, I pray!


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