Monday, October 25, 2010

My Boys

We've been pretty busy the last few days... so expect some picture posts to be coming your way! I will also start trying to write a little bit each day again, I miss it so much... and need to get my bloggy mojo back. I'm almost to a point where I'm not sure what to tell you guys - so I need to find some inspiration and start writing about things other than babies again soon. Take a look at these photos, and read on to the bottom for your assignment... I need your help getting my mojo back!

This was James & John just after our professional photo shoot last weekend... I can't wait to see how those photos turn out!

 My sweet little tiny man...

This makes me laugh... doesn't he look ready for the remote and some football... and maybe some cheese dip?!

Lets just say that our first bath in the bathtub was not our favorite moment that day... 

We did like the snuggling afterwards and the massage though!

Tyler is already helping hold his bottles... it's hard to tell, but he's got a firm hand on the end of the bottle holding it in his mouth... James is barely getting interested in doing this for himself at the moment...

Alrighty... you ready for your assignment?!

Here we go...

1) Lets do a question and answer post to get me started... send me any questions you want me to answer for you in the comments section... the questions can be on any topic... so ask away! I will be back in a day or two with the answers. Send me as many as you want... this is your chance to find out whatever you want to about me, my life, my family, my opinions... or anything else!

2) Tell me some things that you'd like me to write about... any weekly features you'd like me to get started? 
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