Monday, October 25, 2010

Swimmy James

At 6 months old... a guy has to start learning about the important things in childhood... like swimming, right? Thankfully, James and Tyler have some grandparents with a pool that they can personally play in whenever they'd like. It even has a baby "shelf" for them... which is a HUGE step that has spray things set into it... so it's sort of like their personal water park to play in - it ought to be a LOT of fun next spring when both boys can get in.

I guess on the downside though... Mommy has to get her first bathing suit since she was in the 6th grade! Have I been swimming since I was 12 - yes, but it was under duress in high school when I was thrown in the pool by my guy friends everytime we were near any freaking pool! On the upside - my skin is so fair that I burn while riding in the car... so I'll be photographed wearing any number of coverups or t-shirts over said bathing suit because honestly... carring a baby around while sunburned does NOT sound like my idea of fun.

I'm sure those of you North of the Mason Dixon line - and probably some of you other folks that are not north of it... are questioning the intelligence of taking our baby swimming the weekend before Halloween - because you're looking outside at snow any stuff like that, BUT in our defense... it was every bit of 85 degrees or more outside on Saturday. Yes, we have two seasons here - hot and HOT.

Lets get to the good part, the photos...

 Daddy and James getting ready to check out the pool.

 Here you can kinda get the idea about the baby shelf... my little brother and sister were having so much fun with James being in the pool with them.

And in this one - sort of near the bottom left of the photo you can see one of the pray thingies just waiting for the boys to be ready to play!  

My little monkey splashing and having a good time... finally no one is fussing at him for splashing - like happens when it's bath time.  

Can anyone tell how excited my little brother, Josh, is that there are FINALLY some other boys in the family?!  

My little man - so cute in his swimmy diapers! Next spring, matching bathing suits are in order for these cutie pies!

Playing in the pool is SO much fun!!

Coming soon... birthday fun (two parties in one weekend) and our trip to the pumpkin patch! Don't forget about the assignment from the last post... send me your questions to be answered in the comments section, and also let me know what weekly features would you like for me to consider writing.


  1. I hear ya! Our high in Orlando is 91 today... I have no idea what this whole "Fall" thing is everyone keeps talking about! Swimming sounds DIVINE right about now!

  2. A pool? In October?

    Ugh...that SOOOO makes me miss living in Florida!


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