Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birth Story 2

I forgot to mention in the first installment of Tyler's birth story that we did find out that there was no chance I could have delivered him naturally. He was positioned so high that he would have been in even more distress. Additionally, the blood vessels in the placenta were extremely over sized - which somehow means that I would have needed an emergency c-section if we would have tried to go that route. I don't quite understand the details of that, but I do plan to ask the doctor at some point just to learn what to expect  for next time. So, in the end that was exactly how my delivery needed to be. Just another surreal conversation to over hear while people are rooting around in your belly!

It was exactly what I thought it would be like too - even though the nurse said before the surgery that I'd be too preoccupied to know what was being said around me... but not true. I heard them talking about personnel issues in their office, vacations, music that they liked - because they thought we should have named the boys James & Taylor... which got them talking about James Taylor he musician... and then talking about my crazy blood vessels, the water shooting, and even making committee decisions about how to properly close me up... which that one seemed mighty odd to me. It was the two doctors in my OB's office, and the anesthesiologist - and they were asking the anesthesiologist if he'd close a certain way... weird! It was just as surreal as I thought it would be, but at least they weren't talking about everything they were doing - or I might have freaked out even more than I did.