Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lights & Action

On the 23rd - to continue celebrating our first Christmas as a family... and of course James' adoption being final... we took the kids with my Dad and his family to see a light show in the area called the Dearing Dazzle which is an incredible light display done by a family not to far from us. (you can go to this link to see videos of the display from 2009)

James seemed to enjoy watching and listening to the music...

Josh & Gabby enjoyed it as well...

And Tyler slept... which is what Tyler does. :-)

Daddy and his boys... oh look - Tyler was awake for a minute!

Me with Tyler and my Dad...

There's my precious tiny man...

Gabby inside the display dancing to the music and catching bubbles...


Josh & James... Josh is very excited to not be the only boy in the family anymore!

The lights are amazing - this year they moved and it's a bit smaller than 2009 - but every bit as much fun to watch... but you REALLY should check out the videos and see what we watched last year.


  1. So cool! I knew your house was gonna be the mostest funest house this year!

    James is really growing up!

  2. You are your hubs are just lit up like the lights on those Christmas trees with your new family of four and your presh boys..James looked like he was totally into the house! I am so glad yall had so much fun



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