Monday, December 13, 2010

One Day - I'll Get Better

Things are crazy and hectic around here these days, but in a good way... other than the sick junk sticking around longer than anyone might have hoped for - the stomach virus has left us... but left Tyler and I fighting off a cold. Once we kick that - I hope that we'll be healthy for the remainder of the holiday season!

Just to catch you up - here are a few photos from right before, during and after the stomach bug invaded our house.

This was James napping just before we left for the baby sitter the day before he got sick.

Helping Daddy make fajitas - before the relapse.

The boy LOVES ceiling fans...

Someone has learned how to turn himself sideways in the swing... he likes watching himself in the glass of the fireplace doors behind him.

Tyler still doing what Tyler does best... snooze, eat, potty, snoooooooze...

This weekend was crazy busy - it started on Thursday night with me going shopping and to dinner with a friend of mine... I bought my outfit for John's company Christmas party that we'd be attending on Friday. 

Friday, my sister - Cathi and stepmother, Lynne babysat while John and I went to his Christmas party - it was our first date night out away since James was born, and it was nice to get away for a few hours and recharge. (I can only guess that a full night away to sleep would be heaven!) 

Some pics before we left the house...

The party was great - including the super Klassy moment that I dropped a carrot off my fork and down the inside of my dress! UGH! The boys did great, with their sitters...

Saturday was incredibly busy - we celebrated John's Mom retiring from work, his parents' 50th wedding anniversary, and his sister's 30th birthday by having a party at his sister's house - we split up the courses and made dinner for the family... we provided the meat and a homemade cheesecake for dessert - while Susan did the side dishes and salad.

We got home a good hour or so after James' bedtime - but he was a trooper... he did GREAT in fact. He played and enjoyed himself, and then was such a big boy on the ride home.

Yesterday we had church, and then an event at church last night called the Night of Worship - from about 6:30 - 8 there was a sort of concert featuring our worship band (John included), our youth band, and the kids sang some songs too. It was so much fun. James hung in there with us for that too and played in the nursery with the other babies... again we got him to bed about 2 hours after his normal routine, but he did great. Tyler stayed with me in the concert because I'm just not ready to leave him in the nursery yet, and he has the cold... so no need to pass that any further.

In between all of that - I got our Christmas cards stuffed, newsletters inserted, cards labeled, return address labeled, stamped and sealed... never in my life did I think that there was so much work involved in getting those cards out. I guess it's because it was in between baby management and all the other things going on in our lives this weekend.

So today, I'm working on getting caught up with laundry and all that stuff - hopefully so that I can get back to wrapping gifts this week too. I think we're about 90% done with our shopping... so it's just time to get it all prepared. We also got news today that James' birth parents have officially had their rights terminated, and that our finalization WILL happen on the 22nd!!


  1. Now I need a nap. :)

    And may I just say you are doing a superb job as a mommy? You've got a lot to handle, and I bet thinking back, you never thought it would be possible, but here you are doing it - and well, I might add!

  2. Wow - uber busy, but you rocked it, huh?

    Love the pics of you and John:-)

    AND so happy about the finalization news. Great happy post!

  3. The boys are so cute Kim! I hope ya'll get feeling better soon & you look really pretty in those photos!

  4. Such a beautiful family! Glad to hear the illnesses are almost over.

    Oh, and this is completely unrelated, but thought you might enjoy it. Gig 'Em, Aggies! WHOOP!


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