Monday, January 24, 2011

Mother of the Year

In the spirit of keepin' it real... I thought I'd share some of the less glamorous moments from a not so "super Mom"...

** Upon being woken up by Tyler at one point last week - an hour before the 4:30 alarm... I may or may not have yelled at his sweet little face... I immediately felt bad, but Mommy is running on energy fumes these days and that hour would have made a slight difference.

** After finishing talking with John one night on the phone... for whatever reason (and really no one will ever know) I put the home phone in the fridge for the night. I'm pretty sure that I didn't need anything from the fridge and wasn't putting anything else in there when I did it... but it certainly made me laugh the next morning.

** I may or may not have begged the dog to feed a baby once or twice... and when she didn't do it... glared at her for going right back to snoring.

** I considered the opportunities of starting a Starbucks delivery service for new parents... and patenting a system for providing Starbucks intravenously. (If anyone does come out with either of these - I'm totally suing because it was MY idea first!)

** I contemplated letting my child be stinky and oily instead of giving him a bath - just to get a few extra minutes to sit and relax.

** I got a little weepy while listening to the radio on several occasions - because I was over-tired.

And the worst one?!

** I literally packed EVERYTHING for the boys on Thursday to take to the sitter... but completely neglected to send formula for James. Nice, right?! The boys can't eat the same stuff either... but thank God for Ms. Amanda - she never said a word and just went and picked up some formula for my little man. Oooooooh, the guilt!

So, that's it in a nutshell... and we're back at it again - but once again Tyler isn't cooperating. He thought that 3:45 was a great time to wake up to play, chat, and smile at us this morning.

I literally may not survive this...


  1. it happens lady. Dont let it get the best of you. We all do it :)

  2. You absolutely WILL survive it. You probably said the same thing a few months ago and look where you are today. Still surviving and THRIVING! Gee whiz, girlfriend, you've since added a full time job and a home party business...while raising the boys as a single mommy part of the time while John travels. AND you have had to adjust to some pretty big news and changes ahead. What all do you expect for being one person doing all that you're doing? I dare anyone to say they could handle it any better! I think you're doing a FABULOUS job. GO EASY ON YOURSELF OR I'LL HAVE TO KICK YOUR BUTT WHEN I SEE YOU. And I say that with the utmost love and respect. :)

  3. If you *do* start a Starbucks home delivery service (in your, ahem, "free" time), will you deliver to Ohio????

    Seriously, don't beat yourself up. I think this stuff happens to all of us. It is really, really, REALLY hard to take care of two babies at once. Plus you manage to get yourself showered and dressed and out the door to work every're not only surviving, you're rocking this gig!

    PS - You can pretend all you want to, but we all know better. We all know you're wearing a blue "SuperMom" costume under your work clothes. ;)


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