Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day in the Life

I find my life comical at best right now... so I thought I'd share with you a day in the life of this tired old momma... who literally could use intravenous Starbucks at the moment!

4:30 AM - Wake up
4:40 AM - Feed Tyler
5:10 AM - Get dressed for work
5:20 AM - Feed James
5:40 AM - Load kids & 3 bags into car
5:50 AM - Leave House
6:10 AM - Drop boys off at sitter
6:20 AM - Start monumental commute
7:30 AM - Arrive at work
7:40 AM - Work....
8-12 AM - Look productive and try to stay awake
12:00 PM - Lunch
1-4 PM - Look productive and keep eyes open
4:00 PM - Leave for commute home
5:00 PM - Pick up Boys
5:30 PM - Feed James dinner
6:00 PM - Bathe a baby... they are on alternating days right now
6:30 PM - Feed Tyler
7:00 PM - Feed James a bottle, read a story and put him to bed
7:30 PM - Take a shower & blow dry hair
7:45 PM - Wash bottles & repack diaper bag for next day
8:15 PM - Dinner for Momma
8:45 PM - a tiny bit of down time
9:15 PM - Tyler's last bottle
9:45-10PM - Swaddle Tyler and feed him last bit of bottle until he falls asleep
10-10:30 PM - Bed time for Momma (pray that no one wakes up until the alarm goes off!)

Rinse, Lather, Repeat...

I'm literally a walking zombie... and this schedule explains why I found the home phone in the refrigerator this morning.


  1. I do not... repeat do not know how you do this all the time. I'm exhausted with just one!

  2. You are a super mommy for sure. You give new meaning to the term "cold calling". :)

  3. Tired just reading that....but the phone part made me laugh. I did so many crazy things like that during the twins first year. You are not alone!

  4. I know how you feel, but my babies are not really babies anymore; they are 9 & 6, so you job is extermely more difficult. You are amazing!!!

  5. Hi Kim! It's Jennifer - I am finally getting back into blogging (new blog). YAY! Naptime (in the nursery) is a wonderful, wonderful thing!! I think I am going to be much more productive these days. But after reading your daily schedule - girl you have the lock on productivity. You must be superwoman!! Hope the new job is going well ;)


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