Monday, January 17, 2011

Nut Balls

I've been thinking a lot lately about how quirky my kids are... not that all kids don't have their strange quirks - but mine make me laugh.

Take James for instance... someone along the way gave me the advice of putting several pacifiers in his crib so that he can always find one and soothe himself when needed during the night. I have made several mad dash attempts to run up the stairs to put the paci back in before he wakes up - so when we stopped swaddling him at night... I thought GREAT idea!

Little did we know, a strange - yet cute - habit would form from that. Now, whenever we lay him down in the crib - he will spit out the pacifier that he has in his mouth and grab a "fresh" one. Cracks me up - I mean seriously... it's as if he's saying "that one is warm... I need a cold one!"

Tyler is equally quirky - we're just in the early phases of it... I think that we have a ladies man and a serious charmer on our hands with this one. He will literally sit and flirt with the ceiling fan! I'm not even joking... he starts grinning and talking to it! He also does this in the swing - which has a mirrored bulb sitting above him... so that's understandable, but the ceiling fan?!

Too funny! Any of you have kids with weird quirks? Pets? I need entertainment... so fill me in.