Friday, January 28, 2011

Walking in Memphis

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Before we get into the reason I named the post as I did... I had to show you my two newest favorite photos on the planet...

James playing in his crib... this is a prime example of him spitting a pacifier and grabbing a new fresh one!

Tyler (aka Tiner) sitting in Daddy's recliner... looking A LOT like my Dad!

Alright... so shall we get to the purpose of the post? Well... The Hawkins family is moving to Memphis, TN!! Why you might ask... well John got a promotion!! YAY! We are thrilled that he's finally getting the recognition that he deserves, and the chance to stretch his legs managing a team of folks. 

We are both excited and sad to be embarking on this opportunity. On one hand - it's a GREAT opportunity professionally... AND I'll likely get to stay home with the boys... at the most I'd need to work part-time - hence the Stella & Dot thing. (Help a girl out, yo!) On the other hand, however... we're leaving our families... some of which just moved back after being away for 12 years (my Dad)... leaving all of our friends and our church family. So our support system will be 10 hours away... which is scary and sad. We will get through it - somehow - likely stronger and for the better.

Our new home will allow us to take a gander at some of these things... 

a gorgeous bridge...

Memphis in May BBQ Festival! (John is thrilled!)


The Peabody Ducks... have you heard of them? So cute! 
They are these ducks that live during the day in the fountain located in the hotel lobby...and at various times - they bring out a red carpet... march them into the elevator and take them to the "penthouse" (aka the roof) where the live the rest of the time. HOW FUN! I can't wait to take the boys! 

A cool looking pyramid... which I think is a museum or something

 The skyline

 Beale Street

River Boats!

Also not pictured:
A fabulous zoo
and a great looking Children's Museum

So anyway - for the next several months... things are going to be crazy because it's a series of being a single parent... and not. Sort of a BIG lesson in "going with the flow", but we'll get through it and be on a big adventure for a couple of years. 

This just means that I might have some pretty funny stories coming because with my days being sooo long and full... I'm sure I'll do some crazy things. So stay tuned!


  1. I am so so so excited for your move! Its going to be a great adventure!!

  2. Well DUH that I'm excited! 4 hours away?! SCORE!

  3. Not sure if I already commented on fb - brain frizzes out these days - but I am excited for you!! This sounds like a great opportunity for your family. And congrats to John for a job well done! Glad they are rewarding him for his hard work. :)


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