Monday, January 31, 2011


We're having a not-so-happy start to the week here. Tyler is sick, and taking the first round of antibiotics for the boys. We saw the pediatrician this morning, and his lungs are clear but she saw a little something in his ear... and had a hard time checking his throat... so here we are. 

Tyler is the happiest baby - doesn't cry much. Just keep him full & dry... and he's pretty much good to go. The last two days, however, he has been inconsolable. He wants to be held constantly and has cried more than the entirety of the rest of his life. He'll only drink a few ounces at a time and then passes out - but if you put him down... he wakes up shortly afterward. I think that the small amounts of milk help a possible sore throat. It's a very helpless feeling not knowing what exactly is wrong or how to fix it.

I'm just glad that the doc agreed with me. John had tonsillitis last week and I had a sinus infection... so it is likely he has a bit of one of those as well. He has been stuffy for over 2 months... so I made sure not to see our regular doctor. I swear that I'd have punched her if she would have seen him one more time and sent me home with nothing to combat this mess.

So, we are home alone together for the day. James is playing at the sitter's house while Tyler gets as much rest as possible. I wanted to give him the day to rest - and two demanding boys with one Mommy does not make it easy. 

We are expecting some bitter cold weather here this week... not as bad as some of our friends up farther north... but we might see snow on Friday! I hope we can all get healthy and stay that way for a good long while. Stay warm and dry, friends! 

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  1. Poor Baby Tyler! I know what you mean about that helpless feeling...where you just wish so much that they could tell you what is wrong. :( I'm glad that you two get to have a restful day, and praying that your family kicks this bug once and for all!

    I wanted to say too - thank you so much for the suggestions you left on my blog!! We have a dr's appt next week, and I am going to ask about the reflux meds. Also we are going to price out white noise machines - that is a great idea!! Our living area is very close to the nursery, and having some white noise might help more than just the problem of one baby waking the other. Fingers crossed! :)

  2. Of poor guy! So young and battling so much illness:-(

    Have they checked him for an immune disorder? If I remember you have one, right? Maybe it is genetic?

    Praying your household heals soon. The sickies are just no fun.

  3. I hope that sweet baby feels better soon! I think it is tough on the mommies as it is the little ones, when they are sick!


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