Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not Cool

So while this tired, old, weepy Momma was eating her lunch today - I was browsing the interwebs for news to occupy my brain. Cause otherwise - I'd likely fall asleep face planted into my salad. I was poking around on our local newspaper website, looking really for news updates about the daycare fire and search for the coward that created that situation... but I happened across THIS blog post.

If you don't want to pop over there to read it - let me give you the highlights. Basically, this lady's 4-5 year old daughter did a project for school about various things she likes and such... in the section for what she wants to be when she grows up - she basically says "housewife" - the mother takes this to mean that her daughter has no ambition. She does come back and try to redeem herself at the end of the post... but it didn't take away from my wanting to slap her.

What the crap?!

Since when is it not ambitious to want to take care of your family? To be a good parent? I see those as admirable qualities... and if you are in a financial situation to be able to do such a thing... I say "good for her!"

First of all, she's 5! What does she really know about what she wants to do with the rest of her life? She can barely tie her shoes or count to 100... I mean honestly. I'm sure she'll change her mind 15,000 times before she is actually old enough to do anything about starting any real career path.

Secondly, the teacher explained to her that boys and girls process differently - so her response was completely age appropriate. So why mess with that? Why not let this little girl maintain some of the sweet innocence that brought on such a response?

Would it be so bad for people to step back from all the "things" they want in this world, and take care of the "things/people" that really matter? At the end of the day... does she really need that new iPad2 or would it be better to raise her family and make memories at the zoo or just at the park?

I think that it's a sad testimony about where people have their priorities these days... I mean come on!

Now, that being said - I understand that for a lot of families 2 incomes are a MUST, and I respect that too... I completely stand behind people doing whatever they have to do in order to take care of their families to the best of their abilities. Be happy, people... take care of the people that matter...

I have done both, and can say that neither situation is easy. On the one hand, while staying at home - you can get to a point where you need some outside interaction... but on the other hand, working a full-time job and then going home to properly care for your family (a second full-time job) can be exhausting and overwhelming.

I guess my point to this lady is this. Don't for one second think that someone staying home to take care of the people that matter most in their life as anything other than highly ambitions and admirable! Quite the same to me as someone setting out to be a brain surgeon or anything else.