Friday, June 17, 2011

Is anyone out there?

Did I lose all two of you that were reading during this extended moving madness? No excitement for the upcoming giveaways?

I'm trying so hard to get settled around here, but just don't seem to be making any traction on this project. My body is working against me, and when it chills out - the kiddos are awake. HA! Seriously though, I've had a headache for about 5 days now... it gets better and worse at different times, but it's always there in one form or another.

It's funny - I had a friend in high school that could deal with any illness that came along without any problems unless it was a tummy ache. If her stomach hurt - the whole world stopped. I'm sort of like that with my head. I've had so many stomach issues through the years that I can just roll with those... but when my head is hurting - I really just want to curl up in a ball and lay in a dark place until it stops. Try explaining that to a 14 month old and an 8 month old. They don't care so much - they've got needs, right?

This week, we've moved Tyler up to a room all his own to try to work on his sleeping habits in the hope that the boys can bunk up together sometime soon. He's doing much better - but it's still a struggle. I'm having to let him cry to try to get him used to a similar sleep/nap schedule as James. He's doing a bit better, but it's still a work in progress. I've also been working on getting them fed at the same time. Everyone gets in their highchair at the same time, and for the most part - James must be fed first... Tyler is the more patient of the two... but it's working fairly well. I like for them to be on the same schedule as much as possible so that I can get a few things done (or rest) during nap times.

Speaking of Mr. T... my little budding crawler is ready to get up from his nap - so I'd better cut this off and go make a bottle. Sounds like a little cuddling is in my future until James wakes up.

Tell me, what have been the best tips for you in terms of getting housework done while juggling kids, a job, or whatever else keeps everyone so busy these days?


  1. I'm here...been reading quietly. :) I get forgetful to comment since we email so often!

  2. Yeah, I can't do shit in my spare time. Or at least nothing fun on account of all the other boring crap that takes precedence. No bueno.

  3. Some tips from when I had little ones without any older helpers: The playpen went from room to room with me while I worked; I slept when they slept. And some wise woman told me once, Keep the house clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be fun; ie. don't sweat it. And now I usually wait until the youngest (nearly 14 mos) is in bed before I do the things that need to be done without her around (cleaning bathrooms. blech.)

  4. When Jackson was little, I would leave him in his highchair with toys or in his playpen. I can even remember leaving him in his bouncer, on the bathroom floor, while I took a quick shower. With Sophie, I can't do many things without another person to watch her. I cannot load or unload the dishwasher if she is around. I can dust and vacuum, and I leave the bathrooms for when she is asleep or for Stanley. You may just have to do some things when they are down or when John is home.

    As far as trying to get Tyler on a schedule, you may have a kiddo who refuses to be scheduled. Sophie doesn't have a set schedule, but I try to do things around the same time. Jackson was always a schedule kid and still is now. While having them on the same schedule would be great, it may not be possible. At least at most meals, James should be able to feed himself finger foods so that should help.

  5. Tip for keeping the house clean - get a maid. Seriously! We have one come once a month for all of the tedious cleaning, then I keep up during the week with this schedule:

    Monday Master - clean the master suite
    Tuesday Tile - this entails my kitchen, breakfast room and great room
    Wednesday Wee-Ones - The babies' rooms and bathroom
    Thursday Tween - the upstairs which is E's territory
    Friday Front - the dining room and office (at the front of the house)

    Then we set a timer and o a fifteen minute toy/junk sweep before daddy gets home and before bed.

    It usually takes me less than 2 hours a day. The house stays drive-by clean (we can have anyone drop by and feel comfortable with the state of the home) and we never spend valuable weekend/evening time on chores.

    You'll get your groove!

  6. I am glad you posted this. I am sometimes wonder how to do it. I do know my 5 year old makes it difficult for me to do work around the house. I didn't have these issues with my daughter.


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