Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Made It

We arrived in Memphis last Thursday and things have been nuts ever since. We are almost out of boxes - things aren't quite organized yet, but I'm doing everything I can to get us there. It's slow going with the two monkeys demanding that their needs be met - but eventually it'll happen, right?

Our internet service has been extremely spotty - so I haven't been able to get on the computer much. Which is frustrating, but hopefully in another day or so I will be able to upload some photos for you guys. None of the new pad just yet - because it's not ready for public viewing.

I can tell you that we've also gotten our bedroom painted - it's no longer the "angry red" color it was when we bought it... but now a warm soothing sage green. It looks much different now, but I love it!

The boys went to their first day of Mother's Day Out on Monday, and seemed to enjoy it. They are in the same class this summer. There were no tears when I left them, and they seemed happy when I picked them up... so I think we're in good shape there. They'll be in different classes this fall, but I'm grateful that the director decided to keep them together with the move and all the changes that have come within the last month.

While the boys were at school - I did a little shopping and exploring. There is so much to go see and explore around here. I've basically got all the important shopping locations right here within ten minutes of the house. A quaint little old town area down around the church where the boys go to school... and everything in between.

I just wanted to check in and let you know that we're here and working on getting our lives back in order. Hang in there with me, and I've got several awesome product reviews with giveaways coming up to help you enjoy your summer!


  1. Glad you made it safe and sound and are getting settled!

  2. Yippee! If your boxes are almost gone, you are doing great.

    Can't wait to see pics and plan a trip:-)


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