Friday, July 29, 2011

Double the Crazy

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I got a message on Facebook over the weekend that made me laugh... and shake my head.

Meghan G. posted on your Wall. "I kept Zadie and her cousin Lyla (6 mos) in the lobby during a funeral today. OMG KIM!! two babies is tough! I had to let Zadie fall on her face because I ran out of hands. My hat's off to you!"

It's sometimes hard to explain to people what having James and Tyler together is like... but she just about got it. Sometimes it's a lesson in "which is worse?" Meaning basically that at times, I'll have one baby with a blowout diaper... and the other standing (YES, standing!!) on the window ledge... so you have to decide which is worse in the moment and what needs the most immediate care.

Until we got the baby coral - it also meant that I'd have one baby handy and easily monitored - while the other was an escape artist that was good at hiding. James learned pretty early into crawling that shutting doors was fun... and there have been several times that it's taken a minute or two to find him. Even one time that John missed finding him because the door was closed and he couldn't get in there - only to go back and find that HE shut the door!

It means that when you make one bottle - you have to make two... because there is NO way you are getting away with feeding one without feeding the other anymore. Better yet, you can't even feed yourself around my house without James getting something. This goes for beverages too.

It means that just about 98% of their waking hours you are saying "no" to someone about something. Whether that is "No, don't climb on your brother's back." "No, don't pull up the play mat." "No, don't slap your brother with the toy." "No, we don't play with chords" or "No, don't eat the book." - insert each baby's name into each of these statements and repeat... repeat... repeat.

It means that the diaper pail is constantly full... and stinky. Bath time is interesting... and meal time is always an event. Thank God for Baby Einstein and a television in my kitchen - so that I can prepare meals with them entertained and in sight.

It also means that nap times are precious - especially those moments when they are asleep at the same time... because it's the 5 minutes you might get to eat something not toddler appropriate - think crunchy or chewy... because if James is up... he's eating whatever you're having. Or it's the 5 minutes you can take a shower... start a load of laundry... load or empty the dishwasher... or maybe just maybe sit down for a few minutes.

It means you've got twice the teeth coming in... and since they are 6 months apart... you've got that joy going on for what seems like FOREVER! (Seriously, the teething issue is on my "questions to ask in heaven" list... because really? why does it have to be so painful for them?!)

It means that I'm TERRIFIED to put them in the same room together - because they are so opposite on their schedules. Tyler is just now showing signs of potentially starting to sleep through the night - which is helpful... but he typically wakes up about an hour or so before James... and doesn't nap as well as James does... both of which are problematic... and scary for this Momma. BUT, I've got to bite the bullet... because they both need to be enjoying the nursery we created for them.

It means that you've got double the smiles though... double the laughs... because no matter what - someone is just about always hitting a milestone and feeling proud of themselves. The smiles are doubly as cute... cuddles are twice as fun... and on those rare moments that you get to spend a minute or two alone with one of them... you appreciate the distinct differences in their personalities.

I spend a lot of my time on crisis management - so I enjoy those rare times that I can spend enjoying them separately... and the times that I catch a glimpse of them playing together. Which has been more in the last couple of days. I've watched James sit and "read" to Tyler... lots of baby chatter and flipping of pages in a book. I've watched what looks like James giving Tyler the toy rules... shaking a toy in Tyler's general direction while chattering up a storm. I've watched Tyler "attack" while James is drinking a bottle or using the sippy cup... he'll put his hands all in James' face and try to steal said drink.

I know that these times will be missed as they grow older... but I know that they are also tough. I wouldn't trade either of these boys for anything though... they are precious.

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  1. I found myself nodding and saying, "yup" while reading this. Especially the "which is worse" part - so true.


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