Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Post Holiday Scramble

It's naptime in the house of Hawk and I wanted to take a minute to give you a quick update on things...

  • Don't forget to enter the Lets Make Lemonade Giveaway today - deadline is midnight!(extra entries for anyone that blogs or tweets about this giveaway)
  • The next giveaway will be posted either tomorrow or Thursday (depends on my ability to get errands run in a timely manner tomorrow during my one day to get all that done)
  • Our 4th was productive... tvs were hung, rugs were purchased for the house, furniture purchased and chosen, more painting done in the nursery, ceiling fans were hung, homemade ice cream was made, laundry was done, some cleaning was done, a lot of baby play time was had, and even some time in their baby pool was allowed yesterday. 
  • The only thing left to do on the nursery is to hang their wall paper border - then we can start putting it back together and moving everyone back to their proper bedroom locations. (The boys are taking up the two guest rooms.) 
  • I'm still a little terrified of putting the boys in the same room to sleep - any suggestions for me?
  • I've made friends with some really awesome new products in the last few weeks - and feel like I need to share: 
Okay, that's enough for today... I'll be back with a giveaway either tomorrow or the next day and some photos too. I'm still working on getting our wireless internet set up - and my pictures are currently on the laptop.


  1. I love the toilet gel. It has a pleasant smell that freshens the whole bathroom.

    I also love the BE "My First Signs" - I like that it also introduces written word.

  2. Visiting from Jenna's. My son LOVES the V-tech crawl ball! So fun!


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