Monday, August 15, 2011

Mother's Day Out

The post title is much more glamorous than the actual day was... but I wanted to write about the boys first day back at Mother's Day Out for the school year. They moved up to "Crib 2" this fall - I don't know that there is much difference, but they do have a few more toys for the mobile crowd.

Our entry into the building was much like meet the teacher night - the moment we entered the door, James started to cry. It's so sad, but I guess just proves that my boy needs a little time away from Mom. So, lets just say that the teachers knew we were coming LONG before they saw us.

I've known for a while to keep the "goodbye" short and sweet when the separation anxiety hits, so a quick kiss and hand off was the mission of the moment. I'm pretty sure that by the time I handed their bags and Tyler off - he was on to bigger and better things with the other teacher, but I didn't stick around long enough to let the water works start again.

If they had a place I could sneak in and watch them play - I would love to do that, but their room backs up to a restroom and there just isn't anywhere to peak in other than the door. While the boys played and got worn out... I had 5 hours to myself.

Initially, I made plans with our neighbor across the street to go get a pedicure and grab some lunch... but by the time the day actually came - neither of us could muster up the energy to go. Her boys started school a couple days before MDO started again... and the adjustment wasn't going so hot.

She ended up taking a nap, and I literally did nothing. No nap. (Dummy) No television. (Kinda nice) No book. (Dummy) No crying. (Kinda Nice)

I pretty much just did some research on the net, got signed up for Weight Watchers online... wrote a blog post... and that's about it. Crazy how fast the time goes - even when you do nothing. I really should have taken the opportunity to take a nap. If I don't go out with the neighbor this week - I'm totally doing it. John is working both days next weekend - so I'll need every second of extra rest and patience.

When I picked up the boys - I learned that they are both really good eaters. Tyler is a cuddly guy and James didn't nap AT.ALL. He was happily playing when I arrived though - but the second he saw me - he was done. I loaded up my motley crew and hiked to the car. Once we were all in - I headed home. By the time we got to the house, James was in a daze. Poor guy.

So I took both of them upstairs - knowing that James was in desperate need of a nap - and Tyler was down 1 nap from his normal routine... and they slept until about 5. The next morning - they slept until 9AM and were back down for naps by 10:30... at which time they slept until 1. Tyler took another nap at 3... but I kept James up for fear of how bedtime would go.

This week we've got three days in a row where we have somewhere to be by 9AM... so it could get interesting. We've got MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) on Wednesday from 9-12; MDO on Thurs from 9-2:30; and on Friday they've got well-child exams at 9AM. It'll be crazy, but hopefully they'll adjust well and have a good time meeting new friends.