Tuesday, August 16, 2011

F is for Friends

Growing up... my sisters were much older and for reasons beyond all of our control - we didn't live together. So the three of us (there is a 4th sister now and a brother - but they came when I was 25... story for another day) weren't close as children. They are also quite a bit older than I am - which is irrelevant now, but when you are young 6 and 9 year age differences can be a lifetime.

At any rate, my friends sort of took over a family role for me growing up. They were the ladies I bounced everything off of - my kindred spirits and most trusted confidants. We did everything together... talked on the phone constantly (those of you that know me now... will find that funny.)... shared everything... and so much more. If you had asked me before high school graduation - those girls would have been by my side for the rest of my life. I had a good close knit group of friends... I think there were 10 of us that hung out constantly - a balanced mix of 5 girls and 5 guys that were just best friends.

I look back almost 16 years later... and I only hear from a couple of them on rare occasion through Facebook. Life happens and your friends change... circumstances change... and you move on. For those of you lucky enough to have friends from your elementary school days as adults - consider yourselves amazingly lucky. I'm in awe of relationships like that. For me, it was never in the cards because we moved quite a bit when I was really young.

I have a couple of good friends from my college days that I can still count as being in the mix. But the majority of my closest friends have come from the last 5-6 years... once we joined a church. Beyond that - some of the most amazing women I know have come into my life in the same respect as the friends I had in high school... and I've never even laid eyes on them. I feel like I've known them for years... shared some of my deepest darkest days with them - but yet... we just have never been in the same room together.

Some of my family - and probably others - think I'm completely nuts for putting myself out there like this... but I'm telling you... I've met some of the most AMAZING women through blogging. I didn't start out with that goal in mind - not even in the least. I started this blog in July 2007 as a journal of sorts and a way to provide a constant "mass email" of sorts for family on my journey through weight loss surgery. It has morphed into my journal on infertility, faith, adoption, pregnancy, motherhood, marriage, and so much more. I really enjoy getting to write... so I don't intend on ever stopping.

I initially wanted this post to be a little different. I wanted to introduce you to some of the women that I read on a daily basis and love so much. I read their blogs, tweet with them, and Facebook with them... we truly are a community - but lets just say that the sinus infection is kicking me right now. I am in bed, while John is taking care of the boys... I am desperately trying to get well so that we don't miss our first MOPS group meeting tomorrow.

All that being said - I used to do a really fun series where I had a survey that other bloggers could fill out and introduce their blog to my readers... a way that we can all get to know each other better and maybe meet some new friends in the process. I want to do that again... so let me invite you to email me if you're interested (kbhawkins00 AT gmail DOT com) if you are interested. I will email you the survey and will start posting a new friend weekly... start emailin' ladies!


  1. I'm one of said bloggers who met Kim via the internet and I can vouch for just how close-knit two people can become that have never laid eyes on each other. And yes, it is very funny that she used to talk on the phone a lot...our first phone call (to wish her a Happy Birthday) was, um...slightly uncomfortable. :) She has gotten better though!

    To one of my absolute besties, I love you so very much, cannot wait to MEET YOU and see what a face-to-face friendship will be like, because some days, it's hard to imagine it being any better than it has been these past 3 years! MWAH!

    PS - feel better. :)

  2. Hey sweet girl,
    I to have a big age difference with a sibling i am 9 yrs older than my bro we are suprisingly close but i am more like a mother figure to him since I helped my mi-mi raise him. Anywho...I have two best friends that I have had since I was 4 years old and I cherish them to the moon and back. I to started blogging as a journal with my struggle with DM and then I was amazed by how close I have become with some of these women and now I consider more than a handful some of my best friends and we have never even met. I put you in that category...I think blogging is amazing...


  3. ps afterall you gave me strength to go in with a positive attitude with the IVIG chemo treatment with my warrior feathers...I will never forget that ever love you

  4. I read this when you first posted it, but never had a chance to come back and comment. I'm so glad that you started blogging, and that we met online! I don't always get to respond to your tweets or fb posts (apparently the laptop and phone are hot ticket items around here), but it helps so much to know that I'm not alone in the daily struggle to keep my sanity with two babies underfoot. You have been such an encouragement, and I really appreciate you.

    It's funny, but we moved a lot too when I was little. I didn't know that we had that in common, too!


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