Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Things - Toy & Organization

Today, lets talk about James' newest favorite toy... I mean the kid brings it to me constantly to play with him and he's only known about it for 2 days!

I bought this toy from a Tupperware consultant before we moved, and tucked it away because I didn't think the boys were ready to play with it. Well, it came out this weekend... and James LOVES it. He brings it to me about 5,000 times a day to open and help him put the stuff back in. He can get the circle in by himself... but he'd rather take the pieces and run away with them most of the time.

And we can also talk about MY new toy... my Erin Condren Life Planner - it's amazing. AH.MA.ZING! It's got these fabulous tabs for each month - it goes through December of 2012. It's huge, but so well designed.

In the front it has a section where you can list special dates... 

Then is has pages like this for each week - and breaks the days into morning, day and night. LOVE that! 

There are some really fun stickers you can use to mark birthdays, pedicures, spa days... and all sorts of things in between. There are also some sheets of blank stickers for your own use.

In the back there is a fabulous clear pocket envelope that you can use to keep special things handy... and a pocket folder that can be used to keep stationary, stamps and coupons right at your disposal too.

One thing is for sure these days, it takes a lot of planning and organization to keep us where we belong... so I'm grateful for this planner!

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  1. Love the planner! It's so fun when Mommy gets new toys, don't you think? :)

    I love James' new favorite toy too!


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