Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Favorites 3

Here we are for week 3 and we've got one of the most entertaining women I know... KLaw!! aka Kristen. She is hilarious... I mean really - cracks me up all the time. I met Kristen through a blogging friend, Summer... and watched her go through some infertility issues - while I came in late on her journey... but I was there when she announced that she was expecting one of the cutest and most superfly little munchkins out there, Smith. He is in between my boys in age, but Kristen and I have shared a lot of this interesting journey through being a new mother together... and she also has an amazing stationary/invitation/print goods business that she runs as well. She has designed the 1st birthday party invites and thank yous for both of our boys. I'll let her tell you about it at the end... but it's really got a great message - she's running Little Laws Prints to put money into savings for Smith's college. So help a little guy get ready for some higher learning, yo.

1)      Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Oh hai. My name is Kristen. I am a mother, a wife, a full time employee, a blogger of all things Ryan Reynolds, a paper goods entrepreneur, a cat mother of two, a dog mother of one, a box-o-wine aficionado, and typically about two shakes from losing my shit on any given day.
2)      Tell us your mission/goal for your blog:
I think I started my blog for the same reason everyone else does. As an outlet. I had just lost a baby via miscarriage and had nowhere to bitch and complain about how unfair life is. It quickly turned into DIY projects, and celebrating all things Ryan Reynolds. I talked a lot about my struggle to get pregnant and now that our little (big) turtle is here, my one year old son Smith, it has turned into a diary of all things snarky about parenthood. Sometimes coupled with a few heartfelt posts about how awesome he is. I don’t really have a mission, per se, but apparently people think I’m pretty amusing because they stick around and continue to read. Shocking. Considering how much I talk about poop.
3)      Tell us about your favorite post or your best inspiration:
Favorite post? Anything about boxed wine, Miller Lite, and my baby.  Most of the time they all go hand-in-hand. You know, baby in one hand and a beer in the other. Isn’t that how all mothers roll? No? Well, it wouldn’t be the first Mom fail in my book.
4)      Tell us one thing you can’t live without: (this could be animal, vegetable, or mineral – it’s up to you)
If you couldn’t tell from every paragraph above, it would be beer. And wine. Oh, and Burts Bee’s chapstick because I have a ridiculous addiction to it. And not just any flavor of BB. Its got to be the original, all yellow tube. Stage 5 meltdowns if I can find any of my 4 tubes I have on me at any given time. One time I found one in my sons diaper. Yep, he shoved it in his pants. I broke that shit out, gave it a good once over and proceeded to lather it on. I have no shame.
5)      Your favorite book, and why:
Us Weekly. What mother of a one year old who has a blog, a full time job, and a full time celebrity gossip problem has time to read anything longer than a page at a time. Besides I just like to look at the pictures and compare my fat ass to those skinny Heidi Klum bitches.

6)      Your favorite movie, and why:
Of all time? Holy shit, that means I have to circumnavigate 22 32 years of movies to find my favorite. Well, if I must pick one, I’d go all romantical and say The Notebook. Not only because Ryan Gosseling is Ryan Reynolds level hotness in that movie, but because when you strip away all the snark and self pitty I spew forth, I am a sappy romantic at heart.  That and because I want RR to meet me on a dock and tell me “it was never over”. Le sigh.
7)      Tell us something unique/funny/interesting about you:
I honestly can’t tell you anything interesting. I still don’t even know why you’ve read this far down. There’s absolutely nothing exciting about me or my so called life (Jordan Catalano for.evah!).
8)      Tell us how we can find you to read for ourselves: (your blog address)

You can find me over at Yeah, talk about creativity. Or… SHAMLESS PLUG ABOUT TO COME FORTH…. Find me and my print shop over at Word to Smith’s mom, which would be me. 

You want to get in on this action? Copy these questions, answer them and email them to me... at (KBHawkins00 AT gmail DOT com) 

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